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  1. James Bree at Barnsley, 17 year old Right Back. Playing him on attack duty, he's very good, picked up a few assists and man of the match awards. In the last game i played he lobbed the keeper from ridiculous Nayim territory, although the commentary said 'he didn't mean it', I know he did.
  2. Cheers mate, I knew I shouldn't have turned the help and tips off 1 second into playing the game!
  3. Also, I can't 'see' my youth team players? I have the first team and reserves team icons on the left hand side menu bar, but nothing for U18's? Do the best youth prospects appear in my reserves after the youth/regen intake day? I'm probably missing something obvious but any help would be great.
  4. double post! about 3 hrs apart!
  5. Cheers Jay, I did get 2014 but have ended up back on 11 because my laptop at the moment is not the best and I didn't really like the look of the matches in 14. Might get into the ipad version when all the glitches are fixed in the spring. I do find that morale is vital especially when you're at a struggling club. That and checking for sell on clauses you can cash in to get some funds together to replace all the dross asap!
  6. One thing I always do when taking over a club midseason is look at the previous fixture and the ratings awarded to my new players, and where someone has done particularly well or badly, have a conversation with them about it. I like to think of this as if I've watch ed the teams recent games back on video and want to talk with the players one by one. I'm still playing FM11 but I'd imagine the conversation options are still there, if not enhanced. This usually helps boost morale a bit. Which seeing as the club has just given the manager the boot, usually means there is red/orange and yellow morale everywhere. The other thing is to talk with players who are unhappy ("I promise you we will turn this around), talk with older veteran players about coaching/scouting etc when they retire, this can make them happy and boost morale. Also schedule friendlies for the reserves if possible as I always find when taking over a club that there will be a huge amount of players lacking match fitness and morale and a few easy games will get that up and running. As for the team I pick in the first game or two, I always go for the ones with the best morale and fitness. I disregard stars/values etc, as you need 11 blokes out there who (a) can last 90 mins if needed (b) will not start and immediately show up as lacking confidence. Also, its worth having a look in the U18's to see if they happen to have some kid with 18 dribbling, determination or pace or whatever who is worth a spot on the bench. Quite often, if you're a few years into a save, the AI will have some interesting players kicking around in the reserves or U18's who are crying out for a game.
  7. Really enjoyed reading this, FORZA ROPO
  8. Still playing 2011. Bought 2014 but hated the new interface and the match engine, FM11 has a nice match engine imo whereby the players are quite small scale, but with a nice amount of detail in their animations. EG arms waving around when fouled, little backheels etc. I just didn't like the look of FM14, it appeared to be more detailed in games, like FIFA or Pro Evo, but just looked bad on my laptop. Like the players were a fraction above the grass. It just didn't look solid or convincing. I've got about 4 good saves that I dip into every now and then. It runs rapidly on my fairly new laptop, the game is just about at the limit in terms of detail that I need or want from a football management game that I can hit for an hour or so every few nights. Can't say I'm in any hurry to move on. Might try the Touch version for ipad once all the bugs are fixed.