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  1. I had won the title with man city and played liverpool, the team i support, was the 2nd last game of the season and had they won, would have gone into last day 2 points inside top 4. But i couldnt go through with sending out with the youngsters/reserves so sent out a pretty full squad, with a few changes. Ended 2-2, but admittidly, with 5 mins to go, i did go overly agressive and brought a couple of decent players off, but managed to hold on. They drew on the last day anyway and failed to get top 4!
  2. What the ?

    Wow - i'm completely amazed to see San Marino with 2 wins from 3 games! =O lmao
  3. nothing, i only do press conferences very rarely. Sending your assistant has no effect, apart from he may answer questions differently to you and some of these answers could affect the squad if they dont agree with it. Just as if you can sometimes say 'the wrong thing'!
  4. Interested Clubs???

    i think it only shows a clubs interest in you when they have offered you a contract.
  5. I was scheduled to play arsenal in mid november in PL, but it got re-arranged, i think it was due to me advancing in the league cup. Now in march and the game has kept getting re-arranged due to europe (me in CL, them in Europa), and FA cup replays. Currently pencilled in for early april - meaning whilst fighting for the title - i will face arsenal twice in 5 games - having already known i will face them on the final day. However, with both our european runs continuing, i strongly think that the game will be re-arranged yet again if i get into the semi's - so i am strongly hoping that it doesnt come down to my final 2 games of the season being against Arsenal. Playing as liverpool by the way in the 09/10 season. Anyone else seen a re-arrangement of this manner
  6. International call-ups

    Yh, just what i was thinking. At least this little situation will make me look closely at international dates from now on! Its happened to me before on 09, but in a couple of league games. Shouldnt be happening really - deffo wouldnt in r/l, imagine a game in the PL late on with a lot hanging on it, and teams forced to put on their youths - would be an interesting scenario though! haha
  7. unfortunatly i dont think you can discipline players for a bad match unless they were sent off. Would be a good thing to add, guess only thing available is to criticise his form, but that isnt specific to a single match
  8. International call-ups

    Haha morti - in r/l that is the case! But im still fighting for the PL with the manchesters and chelsea - 4 points between us all, and in quarters of CL It was too late to withdraw them as i didnt notice the date, so i fielded my understrength squad and lost 1-0. Fans were not best pleased as you'd expect but i'll try and make it up to them by performing well in the other comps.
  9. Playing as liverpool and went into an FA cup quarter final against everton. Went to select my squad and saw 95% were away on international duty. Obviously i recieved a message earlier that week but i didnt think the date would clash with this! But what am i meant to do though, if we were back then, if i ask them all to withdraw (only a friendly) then it'll **** them all off - and if i dont (which is what happened), im forced to play my youth team. Yes everton had some players missing, but obviously have less top internationals and they still had Jo, arteta, cahill, jagielka and a few others where as all i have is jamie carragher! What have others done and is it just bad luck that you have to deal with? =/
  10. 45 minute limit

    Ouch! Never had that many 45 minuters before! But clubs tend not to kick up too much of a fuss unless its quite a regular thing, then they can start making players withdraw.
  11. Liverpool Takeovers

    I got taken over by a consortium but finances didnt really change, i was still paying off bank loans and once 1 was paid off. I got a message indicating another was being taken out. However this was to fund a new stadium, that was named after me! XD End of my 10th year when this happened.
  12. Easy hard teams

    As Liverpool manager, in particular arsenal and even more so blackburn were real pains for me. I won 5 consecutive league titles (and 7 out of 10) and these 2 were pretty much the only team to inflict defeats to me. Blackburn did the double once or twice, and they were flirting with relegation. Tried so many different tactics but they kept 'turning' it on against me. 'Easiest' teams, well over time man utd games saw defeats get rarer and rarer. Sunderland also suffered frequent decent defeats by my team
  13. What georgik said and you cant have this option if they pay you a fee to loan the player. If you've done this, then normally just clicking the player profile works and then the transfer/contract tab should have a recall option i believe
  14. provided your doing a good job and have been quite successful, your normally alright. This happened with me but then when they took over, my fans 'protested' the rumour and i was told i would be given time, 8 years on still in the job. Though this was in FM 09, i cant see it being much different. Havent experienced it in '10, but hope i do soon caus im in charge of liverpool, and that says it all
  15. Team changes over the years

    On '09 i managed liverpool and in 2018, ive still got torres, babel and mascherano and they're all first teamers.