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  1. Holy sheetballs. 105 points in the PL. Well played @shirajzl you are a serial winner. Are you always playing the same system or does it vary? Congratz @Skogmus on your first league win! Good luck in your future endeavors. @vikeologist I was going to resign from that club in Spain anyway so...no harm done really
  2. haha. I haven't followed everyone's progress..I guess I have to gradually learn about your respective journey's. But I won't be super active...I only play FM maybe once or twice per week...sadly
  3. burtur - Season 1 After my adventures in Spain (during my first iteration of this challenge) I was well aware of not taking just any job at some garbage club. I was offered the managerial position at Atletico Madrid....albeit the B-team but it was still a lucrative position. Tempted as that was I decided to turn down the offer. I went to countless job interviews and finally landed a job I was content with. Wycombe Wanderers A professional club in the English League Two. Our goal is to reach a mid-table finish. Here is our starting position.
  4. Hi everyone. So I started this challenge a few weeks back. You haven't heard a peep from me since. Quick update: So I took over the reigns at Formentera SD in Spain. It is by far the worst team/club I have ever managed in Football/Championship Manager. We did however manage to save us from relegation (via playoff) and I refused to sign a new contract with the club. Shortly after this my computer crashed and wasn't able to play. I decided to buy myself a new comp and am about to reboot this challenge. Looking forward to reading all the updates in the christmas vacation and starting my own journey. Happy holidays to everyone from snowy Iceland!
  5. @Ronaldo Beckham It's all about the journey bro. Tell us a unique story!
  6. @vikeologist Unfortunately I have no record of that save anymore. I am operating on a new computer and didn't copy that saved game. However, I do remember I started in France with Étoile Fréjus Saint-Raphaël and eventually made them French Champions and Cup Winners. I then moved on to the other European leagues to complete the European leg of the challenge. I am fairly certain I won the Euro Cup with France and the World Cup and the Confederations CUp with Argentina whilst I was managing European clubs. I did win the world club cup as well. I then moved to South America where I did win the Copa Libertatores with some Brazilian team...Santos I think...and I am fairly certain I picked up a league and cup there as well. I am not sure though. Pretty Sure I hadn't won the Copa America yet. So towards the challenge I had racked up 6 leagues, 6 domestic cups, the Champions League, Copa Libertatores, World Club Cup, The World Cup, the Confederations Cup and the Euro Cup = 18? But my reputation was immense and I pretty much could pick the jobs I wanted. I think I was the only one who started there...or maybe one or two others started in Europe, but it was working really well for me.
  7. burtur - Update on Season 1 After months of eating nothing but rice and water, about 7 unsuccessfull job interviews and countless unsuccessfull job applications I finally cought my first managerial break. I am now the proud manager of... Sociedad Deportiva Formentera It's a semi-professional club based in the Spanish Balearic Islands. Our goal is to avoid automatic relegation and I think it's going to be quite the challenge. League standings below.
  8. I'm back...and with a vengence. Most of you won't remember me but I'm sure vikeologist will. I took part in the original challenge thread and actually was well on my way to finish the challenge. However I took the challenge too seriously and actually spent too much time playing the game. If I recall correctly I had won everything in Europe and S. America, both on club and International level) as well as the world cup. I pretty much spent all my free time playing Football Manager and I just got physically and mentally sick of the game. I quit the game and didn't play football manager again. Until now. I got the bug again and my god am I ready. The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge is still the best save I have ever undertaken, and the original thread was full of awesome people and FM stories. This time around I will take my time and above have fun. My starting profile.
  9. Let me get this right. Is Wellington Phoenix a team from New Zealand which plays in the Australian league system....but if they win the league they will not represent Australia in the Continental competition? But yeah, as we have discussed earlier in this thread, International trophies are definitely the most difficult to acquire. If I am not mistaken, nobody has managed to win one yet. I am now midway through my first Real Madrid season and have the World Cup upcoming with France. I am really excited, feel as though I have a decent chance with France. But we'll see!
  10. Just realized that my last post might come across as me making fun of Normandy. I am not at all, I am actually really interested to see how his save pans out..
  11. First off. Muggert, welcome to the challenge and congratz on a decent first season! Does anybody know if FM has an age limit to ones manager. As it stands, Normandy has got one league title under his belt in 16 seasons...we all need at least 10 titles. Will be funny to see if he lifts the World Cup 180 years of age. The only turtle to ever grace the game...
  12. Vikeologist: First off, that Dortmund logo...is it big enough? Kidding. Gratz on the new job I like it that you are now in shark mode. That's the only way forward in this challenge in my opinion. Dortmund is a fun club and I'm sure their stature and resources will allow you to win the league. On the subject of goalkeepers. So far, in my save, I have always taken control of a team that had an ageing goalie in their squad (apart from my first job). Can't remember who the goalie was at Metz, but at Inter Handanovic was 36 years old and still number one. Man City still had Joe Hart as their number one and at Real Madrid they had Hugo Lloris as their number one, 37 years old. Mind you, they were all decent keepers but they weren't World Class and that's why their teams failed to meet their expectations. So I always have a few good goalies on my radar I can snap up when I move teams. Database, I personally always play with a large database. It obviously affects the number of players available in the game. Whether it is crucial or not, I can not say but I always find myself playing with a large database.
  13. Normandy is going through the seasons like coffee goes through the digestive system! Well done on your cups and league win i India. Where does that league rank compared to the Australian one? If it is far behind then your triumphs there won't count for much. Brettney. On your way as well! Not bad at all. What's your plan now? Going to stay there or moving on? Vikeologist Your second East Asia Cup, congratz! When is the AFC Asian Cup? You must be in with a shout there! Oh and thanks for the "Deity" remark
  14. I know :o For some reason it just wanted it to stay when I changed that code-box from managerial landmarks to challenge landmarks. I'll remove for the next update But anyway. I am fairly sure I will win the Champions League with Real Madrid or perhaps the German team (*cough* Bayern), the question is how long will that take me. Neither Real Madrid nor Bayern have the resources Man City had so it might take me longer to build a proper squad there. But I can't complain really, this European tour has been quite smooth until now. Oh and one more thing. Toronto! That's amazing. Do they have some good players or is Super_Gord maybe their manager?
  15. Don't stop believing in Journey! burtur's 2024/25 end of season report Man City - Premier League, France - UEFA League Table | Positional Graph Man City: After spending 320m pounds in two seasons I had put together a squad that I knew were serious contenders for just about anything. I had at least two excellent choices for every position which enabled me to rotate and keep everybody fresh the entire season. That proved fruitful as we blitzed the league, topping our goal tally from last season, conceding the fewest goals and breaking the points record in the process. We were by far the best team and needless to say me and my players picked up all the accolades after the season. The league cup wasn't a priority and we went out in the quarter final there. In the FA Cup we had a fantastic cup run. We knocked out Tottenham, Arsenal (both away) and Chelsea in the semi-final before running out clear winners in the final versus a resilient Stoke team. Our return to the Champions League was also a success. We won the group easily (Benfica, Saint-Etienne and Fenerbache), winning all games. In the second round we drew current holders Bayern. We lost 2-3 away in the first leg but a 5-0 humiliation at home saw us through. We were definite contenders, urinating on the trophy like an enthusiastic Labradoodle marking it's territory. On to the quarter final. At this point Barcelona, Bayern and Real Madrid were all knocked out, the cup was there for the taking. We drew Porto this time round. Again we played the first leg away, this time suffering a heavy 6-3 loss. I was devastated. However, another first class performance at The City of Manchester Stadium again saw us through to the semi-final. We drew Liverpool, the strongest team in an all-English semi-final. We lost narrowly in the first leag 2-3, but won convincingly 3-0 in the reverse fixture. On to the final. The final was staged in Barcelona, were another Manchester club won it's treble 26 years earlier. It was written in the stars. We played Arsenal, a team that we should win comfortably on a normal day...and a normal day it was. So a treble win it was. Not only that, a well earned treble win. Just to highlight how dominant we were this season, we had 4 players scoring more than 20 goals this season, with another two entering double digits. Domination. The aftermath. I had been monitoring 4 clubs during the season. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Eibar (They have a Chinese sugar daddy) and Bayern, thinking I might jump ship should one of the positions become vacant. As it turned out, Eibar fired their coach in early may. I however had two finals to play at that time so I did nothing. After the Champions League final I decided to resign from my Man City post. I had won everything I needed to and it was time to move on. I quickly applied for the Eibar post as it wasn't filled yet. To my disappointment, they had finished the interview process and hired a coach the next day. But in a plot-twist, Carlo Ancelotti wanted the Man City job, which he eventually got. I subsequently applied for the vacant position at Real Madrid. I didn't hear from them for two nerve racking months due to their presidential elections, but they eventually made contact and offered me the job. One of the biggest jobs in world football is now mine. Now, as I write this season update I just realized that the FIFA World Club Cup and European Super Cup are a requirement in this challenge. I feel a bit stupid since I in all likelihood would have won those cups with City. I just got to win that Champions League again....oh well. France: Now a whole lot to report. We won our League of Nations group that consisted of Spain and Romania. That meant we qualified for the semi-final where we beat Germany away. The final was then held in England, where we lost to the home side 4-1. Feeling bit indifferent towards that competition, but we racked up some good results so that is pleasing. Roll on next season! Managerial career: Season Club League Pos DC1 DC2 Continental Other -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 EFC Fréjus St. Raphaël French National 3rd 7th round n/a n/a n/a 2015/16 EFC Fréjus St. Raphaël Ligue 2 1st 11th round 3rd round n/a n/a 2016/17 EFC Fréjus St. Raphaël Ligue 1 14th semi-final semi-final n/a n/a 2017/18 FC Metz Ligue 1 3rd semi-final 3rd round n/a n/a 2018/19 FC Metz Ligue 1 2nd winners 4th round ECL 1st KO n/a 2019/20 FC Metz Ligue 1 3rd quarter-final runner up ECL Q/F Champions Trophy, runner up 2020/21 FC Metz Ligue 1 1st quarter-final winners ECL S/F n/a 2021/22 Inter Serie A 1st semifinal n/a ECL 1st KO n/a 2022/23 Inter Serie A 1st winners n/a ECL Q/F Italian Super Cup, winners 2023/24 Manchester City EPL 4th quarter-final 3rd round n/a n/a 2024/25 Manchester City EPL 1st winners quarter-final ECL winners n/a Season Nation Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Costa Rica World Cup Group Stage 2018/19 Costa Rica Copa Centroamericana - Winners 2022/23 France Promotion to League of Nations division A 2023/24 France European Championships - semi-finalists 2024/25 France League of Nations - runners up Challenge Landmarks [b]England:[/b] [i]The Premier League[/i]: 2025 (Man City) [i]The FA Cup[/i]: 2025 (Man City) [b]France:[/b] [i]Ligue 1[/i]: 2021 (FC Metz) [i]Coupe de France[/i]: 2019 (FC Metz) [i]Coupe de la Ligue[/i]: 2021 (FC Metz) [b]Italy:[/b] [i]Serie A[/i]: 2022,2023 (Inter) [i]Coppa Italia[/i]: 2023 (Inter) [b]Continental[/b]: [i]UEFA Champions League[/i]: 2025 (Man City) [b]International:[/b] [i]Copa Centroamericana*[/i]: 2018 (Costa Rica) *not a challenge landmark, but fun nonetheless. The journey so far: Prologue, Season 2014/15, Season 2015/16, Season 2016/17, Season 2017/18, Season 2018/19 Part 1, Part 2, Season 2019/20, Season 2020/21, Season 2021/22, Season 2022/23, Season 2023/24
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