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  1. Sorry to bring up an old post but I'm having the same problem (using a custom dbase). I'm trying the above advice but once I retire the game can't move on past the date that it crashes so how can I re-add a new manager after the crash date? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi. I have a problem with my save crashing on a certain date repeatedly. Having read a few posts it seems likely to be a database problem ( I am using a database with lower/ regional leagues) My question is if I start a new game with this same database will the same problem reoccur again or is there a good chance it will be ok? I don't want to put all the time I have done in again only for the same thing to happen again. Thanks
  3. I have a problem that the game is only reading files saved in my Documents folder on my Onedrive, not on my internal drive. I've set the destination as suggested in previous posts, but will only display the pictures if they are saved in onedrive. This is a problem as I only have a certain amount of space in onedrive. Any suggestions?
  4. Guys, many thanks for taking the time to help! @herne79 Thanks for the ribbing I guess maybe my definition of simple was to either attack down the wing, or use my TM as a main threat and getting the ball to those areas quickly without too much passing football however I take your point about adding lots of TI's in to the mix! Yes I've noticed the TIs change automatically when the mentality is changed and I had tried to take this into consideration but probably not enough, hence why I've left my d line at normal as pushing it up would leave me even more vulnerable at the back, maybe I need to drop it back again - a point made by @summatsupeer (yep I probably am being a little stubborn, but as my defenders aren't particularly slow and have reasonable ability I thought I should be able to press higher without a problem) With the TI's automatically adjusting with the mentality would you say the TI's don't generally need much altering? After all if I go more attacking my width, directness, closing down are already altered to suit the mentality. @Wilesy thanks for the advice on my defence, tbh I've thought of the points you brought up already, but probably not really implemented them correctly after learning what I have about team shape / mentality / TI's. Good point regarding my B2bm though, I'd not thought of that. @herne79 you definitely have a point re my TM. He gets a lot of the ball obviously but he and my poacher are then isolated a lot of the time and lose the ball, so yeah maybe the pumping the ball up isn't the way to go. I was trying to replicate a long ball team with a big man up front, something I thought would suit being a lower league side. @summatsupeer I altered the CD settings to play around and see if I could see where I have been going wrong, for example I want to see if taking my defenders off man marking would allow them to sit a little deeper and reduce the balls over the top which were catching me out. I do have the TI's to close down but I ask my CD's to close down less. On the subject of team shape, I've read a few times that a Structred shape doesn't really suit a 4-4-2 as it leaves players too isolated from each other, I've gone with this as I don't want my players to have too much freedom due to the levels of ability. Do you think structured can be ok with this formation? Possibly by giving player roles such as a defensive minded midfielder and a more attacking one to link up with the attack more? Anyway some good advice for me to be going on with, I'm gonna try playing my next game 2 or 3 times with my current tactic and then implementing these ideas see how it differs. Thanks again!
  5. Long time fm player here and I'm really struggling so hoping for a little help from some of you tactical gurus here! Firstly I haven't played a fm version since 09 so yes, I realise the games moved on somewhat since then, but I seem to have no control over why I'm losing or winning games, or why my team is conceding so many. My setup: Halifax Town in Conference North and my rep is Sunday league player so I've set myself a tough task, but I figured I'm familiar with the game and tactically pretty astute....obviously not! I'm in 19th place and on the verge of being sacked! I've tried a couple of tactics and tweaked them to death but really can't find any success with them. I tried a 4-1-2-1-1 short passing tactic that gave me some great possession stats but didn't score enough (probably due to lone striker), but I reckoned as I'm in the 6th tier my team would be more suited to a basic 4-4-2, a tactic I've always used successfully in previous versions. I'm one of the stronger squads in the division so want to attack teams, keeping it simple to reflect the basic ability of players I have, so 1st picture is my tactics, 2nd with TI's. My ideas are that I want to play Control mentality at home mainly as I'm one of the better sides. Team shape is structured as my players are a low level so I don't want them being too creative. I've asked them to pump the ball up or focus on the right as my best winger is on the right and I have a big target man. I generally have 1 FB getting forward and the other on a support role. Midfield I have a CM on defend or support depending who I'm playing and the otherB2BM. Up front 1 big TM on support and 1 Poacher. Both the CDs are on defend. My main problem seems to be conceding too many goals. I've tried changing my CDs to man marking, zonal marking, holding higher line, dropping deeper. But I just can't seem to stem the tide despite my defenders attributes being pretty decent. I seem to get a lot of balls played over my defence and the opposition seem to react quicker and latch onto the ball giving them a 1on1 chance. I guess I could try dropping my defence deeper still but should I really have to? I want to press the opposition so don't really want to have a very deep line. I've read lots of tactics advice already on here and tried to put into practice what I read by tweaking most areas of my tactics but nothing seems to change and when I do get a win I'm not really sure what has made the difference. If anyone can see anything to suggest I'd very much appreciate a fresh pair of eyes on my tactics. Thanks for reading.
  6. Some great background packs on fmscout.com
  7. It's reassuring to an extent to me that GK punches do happen (though rare) though they are so rare that Tendency to punch attribute isn't really worth considering and, as I said earler, if certain attributes don't have any value, are there others too? Not sure why they should be so rare as it should be fairly simple to simulate and they are quite common irl. I have a keeper with tendency to punch at 13 and have never seen him punch the ball. I watch all my matches in full detail too. I do understand that sometimes the graphical representation isn't always 100% accurate of what the game is. I think maybe a dribble round the keeper is sometimes represented by the striker taking it to 1 side of the keeper then shooting - something I've seen a few times. Maybe some tweaks for future versions?
  8. After playing quite a lot of gmes I have yet to see certain moves that are supposedly part of the game. I've never seen a player overhead kick the ball, or a keeper punch the ball. If indeed they aren't used then what is the point of them being mentioned in the game? I could spend vital time training my striker to overhead the ball for no reason. More worrying is that, if a keeper never punches the ball why does he have an attribute for it? Does it suggest that certain attributes have no value in the game, and if so how many other attributes have no effect on the match? Is it just me who has noticed this??
  9. Anyone know anything about this model? Can't seem to find any reviews yet the processor and graphics card seem decent. http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/stormforce-velocity-core-i5-6300hq-16gb-1tb-geforce-gtx-960-dvd-rw-1.7-inch-7240-9072/version.asp I'm after running 10 or so leagues full detail, large database, 3d graphics at a good level. Think it could handle it?
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