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  1. Pre-match squad selection...

    I believe u can go to preferences and tick the option "reset disabled messages" or something like that and press ok. all those confirm messages will be available again.
  2. I have seen a weird situation regarding shirt numbers in 10.2. Im play as another team but as a man utd fan i constantly check on their progress and noticed this. Background: rooney (no. 10) has no preferred shirt, owen (7) prefers number 10, park (13) prefers 7. Ever since the 2nd season, owen took no 10! park got his no7. rooney was just assigned any number. When giggs retire, rooney gets no 11. way too many changes. these are unlikely to happen irl. Just would like to know if this has been fixed?
  3. i see. has anyone played long enough to see a club debt finally fully repaid? my longest game is about 3 -4 years only.. hardly see any difference with the debts.
  4. Hi just being curious, what are the consequences (good and bad) of saving the club some money? I like to play with a settled team for 2 - 3 years and would not like to spend for the sake of the presence of a transfer budget. If say the unused budget are used to service the debts or upgrade facilities, i would be most pleased! Am i missing out anything on not spending? I would like to know how does the finances work. ThanKs!
  5. Hi every. When i first take up spurs, the coach advises me to give aaron lennon the "comes deep to get ball" preferred move training. Before training of this move, aaron lennon's form was average 7.2-7.5 After successfully learning the move, he hardly ever had a game above 6.9. And i noticed the number of dribbles per game dropped. What i would like to ask is, do i accept such advises everytime? Are they always right? And also is it possible that a preferred move that does not suit a player will ruin his effectiveness/performance?
  6. Hi Does anyone know is there anyway to improve a player's hidden attributes such as Important matches, Consistency etc. I'm refering to in-game features such as training, tutoring, more match practice etc. Not data editors. Is possible at all?