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  1. I like to have it off but have had it on for fm13, mainly because i normally play as Liverpool and always get rid of most of the staff and hire new ones. Did this but couldn't afford to replace all the staff i had got rid of with the first window budgets off.
  2. Yes i did, over the two seasons I've played its saying 21%. Looks like its just Skeggy next season then. Thanks.
  3. Is there a bug with manager awards for the months and the year. I have just managed to win the Triple with Liverpool which involved going undefeated in the League until 8th of March and i did not get one manager of the month award and did not make the top 3 of Manager of the year. Didn't get a award the season before either .
  4. I think you can sort of do what you want to do. I have given the full team talk and said they were poor only for one player to be annoyed, he scored 2 goals, but then when i did a individual talk with him and said i was pleased he changed to being happy. This though then changed the mood of a couple of other players (going from green to red response) so i had to say something to them as well to change their response to a positive one.
  5. I use them all the time and rarely get a negative response. If morale is very good or above, plus last five game rating above 7.1 i use assertive and expect a performance or expect more of the same. Morale good or below, i use calm and i have faith in you. If they have played bad i normally just use the team only talk and use assertive and tell them they were poor and maybe give the odd player talk if they are young so it doesn't affect morale to much. Some of the bigger stars, I'm playing as Liverpool so Suarez and Gerrard you sometimes don't get a response from but I've worked Suarez out now and get a response on most occasions. I find the team and player talks pretty important especially if you need to get out of a losing run.
  6. I'm finding my players close down a lot better if i set closing down on the opposition individual instructions with tackle hard also selected. If i don't do this even if my players on the highest closing down setting they don't really do it. Just played Arsenal and my full backs and midfielders were really hassling the Arsenal wingers and midfielders, closing down and making tackles. I went back and played the game again with exact same tactics but no opposition individual tactics set and most of the time my players just let the opposition run straight at them with no pressure or tackles put in. I have also got my GK playing the ball to my fullbacks from a goal kick, mostly to my RB. Does it on most occasions, only plays it long when the fullbacks are a bit tighter marked.
  7. Start of second season with Liverpool i asked to expand the stadium and they agreed. Only going up to 51000 odd with work starting at the end of season season and be ready very quick, im sure it said for the start of the 3rd season cant remember but definitely sometime in 2014. Think its costing £6.5 million
  8. Anyone else finding some of the younger players you sign want ridiculous wage amounts. Trying to sign a 19 year old from Roma in my second season with Liverpool and from being on £4000 a week he now expects £46000 rising to £66000 after 1 game with other daft bonuses too, like £12000 appearance fee. Happening with a 17 year old from Malaga too. £300 a week now wants £27000 a week rising to £42000 after one game.
  9. Dont know then, the second one definitely looks shadows from floodlights but if they kick off at 3pm then no idea. Is it a winter game? maybe the lights are on if it is.
  10. The second screen shot i would assume is being played under floodlights, hence the shadows in sort of 4 ways, the first is probably just on a overcast day maybe. What where the times of the matches and weather?
  11. This is how the PL ended up in my first season. Stoke did start pretty well, where 2nd after 15 games then went downhill fast. Man Utd Man City Liverpool (myself) Spurs Chelsea Arsenal Villa Newcastle Everton West Brom Southampton Reading Stoke QRR Swansea Wigan Sunderland Norwich West Ham Fulham Real Madrid won La Liga Barca 2nd Juve won Serie A Napoli 2nd Schalke won German league Bayern 2nd Lyon won French PSG 3rd. Real won CL Liverpool EL Pretty realistic league positions in my first season with realistic match results and final GF and GA.
  12. I have got Liverpool to 3rd in the PL in two different saves (beta and then full game) winning the Capital one cup on both occasions. Won the FA Cup in the beta save also (against Hull) and lost on pens in the Europa League, Main game lost in SF of FA and won the Europa league on pens this time. Only bought some Brazilian chap called Bernard in the beta save and bought no one in my full game. Sacked pretty much every staff member though and replaced with my own picks. 4-2-3-1 asymmetric but swap the wings and mids over so its a L IF, WMR, AMCR, CML and DM. Balanced style, with slowish tempo, short passing , start on standard and then switch to control or attacking. Ive not changed the player mentality sliders but have the passing and other sliders, passing only on 3-4 for the forward players, DM and CB's, in the middle for rest of players. Villa were the weakest team i lost to, both PL games, other loses were to City, Chelsea etc. All my matches seemed to have pretty realist score lines, none of the crazy matches some are getting think i ended up with 71 scored and 38 conceded, 6-1 was my highest win and 0-2 the biggest loss, rest of the PL scores and final table For and against looked quite balanced too.
  13. Agger and Coates have got a few for me from corners. Near post delivery and Coates/Agger attacking near post. Left foot taker on right and right foot on left. Sometimes they will score from a volley too if the corner drops short. Even Carra got one from a corner when he played instead of Coates. Scored one header from a free kick that i can remember, Coates again, similar goal to Suarez's against Everton last Sunday. Free kicks set to mixed.
  14. Dont know because i cant find it. Where is it and i will let you know what mine does.
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