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  1. I sold sako in the 1st window as he wanted off to the premier league, he did fund moves for Dale Ali and Josh Kimmich in the 1st window and thats my midfield sorted. Look at Gnarby and Sanogo, both from Arsenal on loan 1st season. Excellent number 10 and striker, with little wages to pay.
  2. I usually knock match prep down to about 1/4 when the tactic is familiar and run general training on low for the season ( this is after pre-season which could be on team cohesion if alot of new players or fitness) That way i have their indiviual training on high to try and maximise their growth, i want there workload to be heavy. Seems to mostly work but i might get the odd whinger. I seem to do really well with not many injuries aswell but that could be just luck to.
  3. Is your team familar with the tactic yet? I had great success with this tactic also on counter and fluid. My DM was a roaming playmaker and i had a CMd in the middle, You need to have a support duty for your striker. Hes to isolated if you don't. Might be a struggle to find the players in third tier france tho
  4. Unless your winning 3/4 nil i find my MC/DM will very rarely get a rating over 7, unless they assist or get a goal. Was the same on FM14. Sure the high scores have been noted by SI, think they are tweaking the goalies. Might have to kick off my a-league came after work, did Sydney FC last. Either them or wanderers
  5. An A-league thread would be good, had a really good save last year with Sydney FC where i had turned them into an Ajax/Porto style club. Developing youth an usually having to sell them on by the age of 22/23. Do they still have Australia competing in that East asian games qualifing? It would make me lose most of my team for 10 or so games every second year?
  6. I had him as a TMs in a 4-3-3 and he bagged about 20 goals, also in a Sydney fc save i had him score about 20 as a CFs
  7. You have to become a selling club and you start with world wide scouting which is a huge bonus. I started with Sydney FC and was bleeding about 3-4 million a year for the first few yrs. Once you get some success happening your sponorship money goes up greatly aswell as ticket price and season tickets. Sydney start with 750k a year in sponorship, now in season 7 i get just over 4 mil a year from sponorship. Have 18 mil in the bank and have upgraded my facilities and youth twice which costs about 8 mil. If i sold my leading players now i could raise about another 20-25 mil. As much as you want that leading marquee player, it isn't really viable in the first few yrs. Better off buying someone young who is only gonna increase in value. With the standard of the A-League you can afford the play the 17/18 yr olds which really helps in their development. Shortlist the best aussie talent even in the a-league as i have picked up 5 star regens on the free, and the state leagues. Any aussie talent you find their only cost 3k transfer fee. It took a few yrs to really start enjoying my save but i have made the final of the last 2 world club championship. PSG got me both times but i'm getting close. I'm actually surprised by how good a quality team i can keep in the a-league
  8. A good free transfer in 2nd season is Sebastian Kelh (forgive spelling i'm at work) captain at Dortmund. He gets let go about mid season and his wage demands will drop. Model professional aswell
  9. got about a 1m and 140k wages, picked up Simon Tibbing and Ivo Pekalski for 130k each who bossed it 1st season. Yussuf poulsen is a real talent, picked up player of the year with 19 goals and Frahn getting 20
  10. Tranfers still seem very buggy, across about 10 seasons with various teams i've rarely sold a player for a above his value and if i have it hasn't been by much. I had just made the premier league with wolves, Danny Batth has been my mainstay centerback with 2 years left on his contract and captain. Value is 3.6m and i get an offer from another relegation battler for 2.8m. Most of my 1st team regulars only receive offers for their value. Pro tip don't sell Danny Batth
  11. In the talk to board under finance you can request to go pro. They will automatically go pro when you hit league 2 or you will need about 3-4 mil in the coffers
  12. He's there don't worry, was injured. Langerak can become good. I mainly got him in cause i'm aussie and he has big raps in real life. I usually tend to get alot of aussie youths in that have potental to be leading top flight players and develop them. I love the no work permit rules in Holland and always been a fan of Ajax. Only problem is there is already so much good youth there. M Ryan T Antonis M Amini B Kantarovski T Orr
  13. Was gonna keep blind but he got upset at being to many midfielders and i didnt have my DOF set up properly and out he went. You are correct with Rhijn, i usually have him set to support or attacking but was tinkering with it as i had Real Madrid in the CL and Ronaldo was on that flank. He was also having an incredible amount of shots per game getting plenty of space on the right but he would miss all the time, if i could just get him to lay it into the middle it would be great. Yeah the tactic is still early days and i'm trying to promote alot of movement off the ball.
  14. Hi guys, kicking off an Ajax save Main buys were Kara 3.3 Helenius 3.7 Yttergard Jenssen 1.7 Milosevic 1.2 Langerak 2.1 Outs Sulejmani 4.9 Enoh 3.1 Blind 1.7 Cillessen 1.5 http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1269/ajaxs.jpg Formation is playing attacking entertaining football so far, Just need to tweak the defence a little
  15. I had a fans trust take over at the end of my 2nd season when i had just been promoted. Tom Lees has improved heaps, think a national call up might not not be to far off
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