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  1. Thanks very much for looking into it. Happens with a lot of players. Just found Davide Santon on the Transfer List but not in my searches.
  2. Such an annoying bug. Why arent more people complaining about this?
  3. My Transfer list is filtering out players, but I cant see any options selected to make that happen. Photos show I have 'Transfer Listed' selected and i have unticked 'interested' so this should show all players on the game (specially those with high rep). But as in the photos, Lucas Vazques is not listed in the players available, even though has transfer listed.
  4. Is there a reason John Terry is not at Aston Villa as Dean Smiths Assistant? And hes not on the game at all . . . .
  5. They save after the 1st game of the season @Harrison Modeste
  6. Yes, the work permits are still an issue, specially with the high earners. I have same issue as above with Telles. £250k a week, but expected to be rejected.
  7. @Rob Heckman Have yous managed to re-create or solve this yet? Ive had it happen once again.
  8. I have saved my preferences for the Match as 2D Key Highlights only with high speeds. When i come to play my 1st game of the season, i have to set them again. Also my managers place of birth, fav team and fav tactic are never saved.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but the store should be available to everyone when playing online, or should be a 'tick box' to allow or not allow during initial set up.
  10. Yeah i can verify this is almost game breaking for wanting to start a new save. This has been posed many times ion this site alone (one dates back to 1st December) Please fix.
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