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  1. This is 'Hit Nail On Head' kind of stuff. Hardcore players play FM. Softcore players play FM Touch. Isnt that it? I play FM Touch as I don't have time for full FM and enjoy the Pick a tactic sign some players rinse and repeat.
  2. I hope you mean after a goal is scored and not just general offsides.
  3. I managed to get it installed and sorted, but I actually don't like. And I cannot figure out how to remove it. Ive uninstalled the game, ive deleted all the folders. Re-installed, and its still got that applied and even remembers all my settings. I don't understand.
  4. He must be good !!! Paying him that much !!! What is a 'Shutout Bonus'?
  5. Im not sure if there is or is not a way of telling this in the game, but I can only imagine the answer from a chairman following an interview, if the question was 'How much debt do you and the club have?'
  6. I'm clearly not good enough on this game if this is the case for everyone. I have a Newcastle save 4 seasons in and I'm still struggling to stay in the league sometimes. Season 1 I finished 9th, Season 2 I finished 16th, Season 3 I finished 15th and looks like this season I will be between 20th and 16th.
  7. That's a load of rubbish. Show me a case of offside where the player deemed offside is not in a position where they are closer to the goal than the 2nd to last opposition player. I understand there are other stipulations, but the stipulation you have just commented is the very stipulation that deems you offside.
  8. And in the full game & in real life. If someone is going to be paid £100k a week, then this will influence the work permit decision (tax).
  9. Can you explain? Are you saying the game automatically applies these? Cause this is not what I understand.
  10. Surely it all depends on the situation. Bad tackles, are warning, then fines escalating for anymore that season. Through on goal and brought him down, to save me a point or win, then nothing at all.
  11. It all comes down to how much money you pay him in his contract... Sure its over £8k a week and work permit will be accepted.
  12. Stick with Adam Armstrong. Hes class !
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