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  1. Not sure, I'll wait and see..
  2. Hmm, I never bought players in January (the deal always for the end of season).. But yes after the boxing day I did lost and draw a couple of time due to squad rotation, so I'll take morale for my consideration now. So the formation is the same, but I should change player and team instructions? Besides managing morale, of course.
  3. Look like I'm the only one then.. My main tactic is a normal 4-4-2, always have problems against 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 after January.. in all of my saves..
  4. And how can you say it's a myth? If I can beat every single opponent with one tactic, believe me I wouldn't waste my time making other tactics..
  5. 4-4-2 Villarreal Style (my own tactic) 4-2-3-1 4-1-2-2-1 All attacking formations, switch every 6 months because AI will recognize your tactic in about 4-6 months..
  6. Yes, just set the HUB to 'yes' for the goalkeeper, it works in my tactics.
  7. Scoring from Corners

    Just use the default settings and you can score many goals from corners. Default settings are attack far post and attack near post for both DCs. Also player with good corner taking attribute helps a lot. The only difference from previous patch is: DC at attack near post now contribute to goalscoring. On rare occasions the corner taker aim at near post and they just head it to goal (not kick it like in FM 2010).
  8. Thanks, Elhan. I'll try to tinker with my ST PI now that I know how V2 works. I use Nani (very good right foot & good left foot) on AMR and he's doing fine. Maybe because he has "cuts inside" PPM? No matter where I put him he always cuts inside, but he still scored with his right foot..
  9. Hi, it's me again. Just tried your tactic V2 and it didn't work as good as the V1. ST mentality too far away from the rest of the team and isolated him from build up play. May I know how the V2 works actually? As I had 2 great poacher in Milito and Eto'o and it just didn't work. I prefer V1 (with Man Utd) and V1 mirrored (with Inter). Beat Barcelona (minus the injured Messi) 2-1 in Champions League Final with V1, Milito scored both goals.
  10. Oops I forgot something, the tackling settings seems to hard for my Inter player (highly aggresive and determined players) and they took too many cards. Don't know if it's the "known bug" in this version either because there seems no difference when I set all players tackling to easy. Aside from the cards problem, the tactic still works great. Oh one more thing, when it comes to bad weather (December/January - Snow etc.) the tactic seems stuck, so I'll change everyone's passing to direct like the IF does.
  11. Elhan, great tactic! Use the first classic version for my Inter and Eto'o scored 29 from 27 game as AML. Always winning with 2 goals margin minimum and 1 goal against me maximum. But I tweak it a little bit by mirrored the side to accomodate Maicon as a WingBack. So the WingBack is DR (Maicon), FullBack is DL (Chivu), DCcover is DCR (Lucio), DCstopper is DCL (Samuel), DMCcover is DMCR (Zanetti), and DMCcreative is DMCL (Cambiasso). I know Inter is a great team and can use any tactics available, but none of that tactics can score and prevent goals like this one. Great job! Oh and sorry for my bad English.
  12. FM 2011 true fans rating

    1 for me. Too many own goals and missed PK + unreal transfer + very bad interaction system. Don't really know how can people give 8 for this game (at least for this patch).
  13. Actually I'm in the middle of developing zone press with 4-1-2-2-1, so far so good. 1) You can use closing down whole pitch + man marking + tight for everyone except you 4 defenders. 2) Push-up defensive line, wide width, focus passing down both flanks, counter attack, offside trap. 2) The stamina problem that drains so fast is not an important thing because when you press you opponent you will get the ball quickly, which is the main aim to play possession football. Anyway, I try the strategy with Man Utd (midfield: Fletcher, Hargreaves, Anderson), so I don't know if Xavi and Iniesta in FM can cope with high pressing system. But for zone press itself, I can't make the 3 forwards move back to the middle so I think it's only a pressing strategy.
  14. Hi, mate. It's a really good formations you have based on the IRL Barca. I only want to add Barca's pressing is a strategy called zone press, and it's hard to create it in FM anyway.
  15. I have to agree with you. The 'attack near post' is THE REAL PROBLEM. I use the same 'mixed' corners, and Balotelli at near post is unstoppable, and he kicks the ball in rather than heads it down! The opposition too late to cover, and his 'no keeper in the world can save' shots gone in, 1 goal for me.