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  1. So glad I sorted it, the message I had in first season when my youth grads came through was something like "these seem like they could be a golden generation" I've not see that before. I didnt fancy having to create a new manager and retire the current one to carry on the Truro save.
  2. Went back to end of season, created friendly, played a load of youth.......
  3. Was really enjoying that save too. Totally pissed off now. With all the graphics card crashes and now this...... not happy.
  4. Started in full retail version 3-4 days ago. Was untouchable - just went back to last save I had (after end of season) and asked to change philosophies and I removed develop youth for first team. Not been sacked now. :-)
  5. Yeah I did give one or two a game. Think I'll go back to last save and play all the youth in the last couple of games.
  6. I'd love the training side of the game be expanded so you could (if you wish) schedule exactly what the players do, to suit your tactics. Lots of 5 a side for a more possession based team, or lots of set piece training for the Tony Pulis management types.
  7. Not used it since I switched to the 4 at the back. Might go back to it at some stage.
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