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  1. Sorry if this is a re-post of some ideas, I haven't checked ALL of the replies... I'd like to see: 1)Women's leagues - It would be great to be able to move from the women's game to the men's and vice-versa. Maybe the players could move too (i.e. women into the men's league, depending on league rules). 2)'Easy mode' - a mode that makes things a little less technical for users after a more 'simple' experience. Some more generic formations, bringing back the movement arrows and stripping back the trickier features (training/tactics/press etc). 3)Season start date - when the patch featuring Jan transfers is released a new start date for the leagues could be released. So Jan transfers and league positions were included in the game (along with managerial vacancies). So I can take over at a club struggling against relegation and try to keep them up. 4)A player manager feature would be cool too
  2. bluen05e

    The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Hey guys, Tad bit confused with iFMRTE - I've got the up to date version of iFMRTE and FM12. When I open it, I open my saved game, type in the name of my current club (Aston Villa) and click the club tab and then Villa. I make a few changes then what do I do to get them applied to my game? I've tried the little disc icon and it says game saved - but there are no changes to the team (well, finances). I've tried re-loading my game, or just leaving it open - either way I get nothing happen...help? :confused: Thanks in advance! ---Quit edit, just to say that it seems to be something to do with finances as there is no problem getting the team healed! --- Edit 2.0 -> looks like I was being a bit dim!
  3. bluen05e

    Can't play game

    YAY! Finally! Thanks Matt!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fun at last!
  4. bluen05e

    Can't play game

    I can't find the files or folder on my mac - seriously messed up! Found it - was being a bit dim! :S
  5. bluen05e

    Can't play game

    Thanks Matt! I do love helpful community folks! - not really to the rest of you nice folks, more to those who have forced this situation on us well meaning, paying customers are being punished by the companies because of 'pirates' (apparently). £30 for a game I cannot play and it would seem no way to get help.
  6. bluen05e

    Can't play game

    Yep - it's been on and off and on and off. Found that it seems to be a fairly common problem but no one has a solution yet surely this cant be right. :S
  7. bluen05e

    Can't play game

    Thanks Matt, Still no good - changed from London to Manchester and then Netherlands... if it helps it ways ready to play in the game library and when I click to play it changes to validating 0% then says servers busy and the validating then says complete.
  8. bluen05e

    Can't play game

    Thanks Dayight, No luck it seems - tried 5 times - de-fragmented too. When I click to play it verifies again and then states that the servers are busy (then says files validated) grrrrrr
  9. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I didn't really know where else to try. Since getting FM12 I managed to put aside my negativity about steam and get on with things... BUT Tonight I turned steam into online mode to try and get the update sorted and now when I try to load FM online or offline I get two windows open (by the way I'm on Mac Snow Leopard): - 1 says it's validating some files and then it says "all files successfully validated" - the second window says "The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes can anyone help - I thought that steam was not supposed to stop me from playing the game. (I've tried to double click, open from my dock, right click and click play game offline and online and the same messages) HELP