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  1. I'm a bit ashamed (or very much). Been playing since CM3 and couldn't figure that out.. Thank you very much!
  2. Of course, I upload my save using the ownCloud, named Manchester U.fm.
  3. Hello! I've noticed something since I updated to the public beta. When I pick a starting eleven, none of my players seems to have the arrows drawn between them to show that they have a strong partnership. And also, when I pick a matchsquad, it seems that the sorting is completely wrong. If you look at the screenshot nr 1, I've picked a match squad, but usually all the starting position ends up on top, but for me I have to sort them. It worked when I started play FM20 but after a month or so it just changed, I don't use any filters except for players unavailable. Also you can see in screenshot nr 1, Florentino Luiz and Reinier have played together for 10 seasons, and both of them have a strong partnership in the middle between eachother.
  4. Sorry if I was a bit unclear. What I meant was that basically what you wrote, that it was a normal thing, mabe because of the 2022 World Cup. I was just curious because I never seen this before. But it didn't affect my playing either so. Thank you for your help, KUTGW!
  5. No, no update or anything. Besides from that one player got updated squad status because of new season and I could schedule my preseason-schedule for 30 weeks, everything was as it always is, maybe it's possible for the squad status to be updated mid-season and I've missed it?
  6. Yes exactly, the public beta version. No editor files or third party content. I don't have a save game from before it happened, only after. The file I uploaded is named "FC Bayern.fm".
  7. When I got to the midseason-break 1 jan 2022 it seems like it was the start of a new season. Got to pick a pre-seasonschedule for 30 weeks, and the squad status of some players were changed due to starting a new season. Am currently playing the public-betaversion.
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