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  1. Tyler_bode is back!! His FM09 tactic was the first tactic I ever downloaded and I've never stopped since. Shame in a way really but that tactic was the best. Will have to give this a go.
  2. What are you doing wrong?? Nothing. You are winning!!! This is a different version of FM mate. No longer plug and play and win 5-0 every week. If you want that I think you can get CM 01-02 for free still. What FuSS has done is given you a philosophy on which to build. If you don't like it create your own. It could not be simpler. What this FM will not give you is instant success for NOTHING!
  3. Thanks mate. Will give that a read!
  4. heathxxx you are without doubt the most interesting contributor on this forum and I always look to your threads for advice and sheer entertainment. Winning the league with Granada 1st season is possibly the greatest FM achievement I have ever seen particularly on this years with no super tactics out there. (Not your style I know)! I guess what I and probably a lot of others would like to know is how do you do it! I fancy playing the game the proper way like you do. I'm fairly competent on man management and signings the thing I struggle on is tactics! What tactics to play against who. What you look for in the game and how do you tinker to get the wins? Be great if you could give us an approach to a game start to finish. It would be the icing on an already terrific thread!
  5. He just went on another of his infamous rants. Something about Barca scoring a winner in the 97th minute. The post was riddled with profanity and it appears to have been removed. Shame but the behaviour is so erratic. Wonder if he will be be allowed back!!
  6. Looks like el_magico has just gone and got himself banned. What an unstable fella!!
  7. TBH quick question. Do you immediately implement the shouts at the start of every game? Or do you do it when you see something happening mid game?
  8. heathxxx, Thinking about starting a Granada save myself. Is there any sort of tactical advice you could give us on how you play and also how you use your teamtalks? Appreciate it if you have the time.
  9. Dude, Could you be anymore desperate?!! Give the guy time.
  10. Cheers Dave, Appreciate the response. Look forward to trying. Hows the Everton save coming along?
  11. Dave, quick question. Does this tactic rely a lot on any sort of corner exploits? I see Stearman has 6 goals in 11 in your Wolves save. Please don't take that as me having a go at your previous tactics it's just a general wonderment.
  12. Bit embarresed to ask but how do you set a playmaker in FM. Can't figure it out on this years version?
  13. Looks good Dave. I will be following your progress closely! I like how you seem to be getting the best out of the midfield 2. (VDV and Modric). I've personally found it tough this year when playing 2 true centre midfielders particularly in terms of average rating. Anyway all the best with this and keep up the good work!