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  1. Seafire all sorted thanks a lot for taking the time to help out.....this is the best FM add on by a mile love it loads so thanks
  2. Ill give it a try Seafire,the game isnt the same without the great lines of the commentary pack thanks for trying to help
  3. Hi guys,ive been a huge fan of this little gem of an add on for FM,but ive been having a problem very recently ive just installed fmweegies latest transfer update and now the commentary is the default and not yours,ive tried everything to get it in the game,any ideas or does the pack not work with this update thanks in advance
  4. Thats my option although i have had a look at pr0's update and its mainly quite good but dont think i'll be starting a new save with it...LFC Marshall's updates are good aswell
  5. You need to create a folder in My Documents-Sports Interactive-Football Manager 2012 call it data editor and extract the files in there,when loading a new game on FM you can change the data base you use and dont fortget to tick always use skin cache in my preferences on the game,i hope thats clear enough for you
  6. _pr0 i applaud all your efforts that you have put in for this update
  7. Also Van Persie is on a wage of £80k at Man U but irl im sure it would be more like £160k
  8. There were a few things that were wrong with the update......i.e Scott Parker out for 16-18 months and some of the player values were not there transfer fees,
  9. Its beta and not the finished version as _pr0 stated in his post earlier!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Scott Parker out for 16-18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what on earth.....
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