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  1. Started an Ajax save the other night with the intention of it being a long term save, however upon reading this thread I have noticed alot of people stating that they have bought talented youngsters from Belgium, Scandinavia, Serbia etc. so I was just wondering is it necessary for me to have those leagues loaded/playable? What leagues do you guys usually load when playing as Ajax? Just thought I'd ask before I commit myself to an Ajax save, thanks.
  2. What leagues are best to load when starting a game as Shakhtar? Obviously I imagine the Brazilian league is one of them but do you have the leagues set to playable or view-only?
  3. Started a long term save with Arsenal, playing a 4-2-3-1 formation & my first league game is Spurs at home!
  4. Just started a game with Dortmund using the latest summer update. One week before the season starts Lewandowski has handed in a transfer request. Any ideas of a good replacement for him (hoping to get £40m), however the majority of good strikers have recently moved clubs during the transfer window (higuain etc.) or have people found Aubameyang a suitable replacement?
  5. Finished my first season at Bayern, was a pretty good season. Won the league on the final day by a margin of 3 points, Dortmund were unstoppable all season. Suffered with a lot of injuries to key players not to mention Ribery & Robben being constantly injured. Selling Robben as he is unreliable, £165,000 a week for a part time player doesn't sit right with me. I'm keeping Ribery as when he has been fit he has been unplayable at times & chipped in with 14 goals in all comps. Finished runner up in the Champions League, losing the final 1-0 to Man City in a game my team hit the woodwork twice & in which Joe Hart had a stormer. Disappointingly went out of the German Cup in the 2nd round & lost the in the German Super Cup. Transfer wise, I brought in 2 players in January:- Victor Wanyama £8,000,000 Sebastian Jung £11,000,000 Whilst selling: Luiz Gustavo £10,000,000 Claudio Pizarro £500,000 Aiming to retain the league & win the Champions League in my second season, as well as a good cup run to make up for the second round exit.
  6. Almost finished my first season, top of the league by 4 points with 3 games to go. Got through to the Champions League final after beating Juventus 6-3 on agg (the 2nd leg was a thriller resulting in me winning away 5-2). Real Madrid await me at Wembley. Torres has been unstoppable all season, but I'll still have to sell him as I look to trim the wage budget, hopefully the fact he is closing in on 30 goals will result in a few teams being interested in his services.
  7. Torres has almost scored 20 goals in all comps for me and I'm in March however Sturridge hasn't been up to scratch, add in the fact I've recalled Lukaku and brought in Ademilson I think I'll be releasing Sturridge on a free in the summer.
  8. Managed to get Torres firing, 12 goals in 24 games, much better than his record IRL. My finances are about to go into the red anyday now and I'm only in February 2013.
  9. I'm at the end of Jan in season 1 and currently have just over £10m for my finances, at this rate I will be in the red by the end of the season. Will be releasing Cole in the summer, selling Cahill, Marin, Mikel & Torres which will trim the total wages. Any other tips for avoiding going into debt? The amount of money I'm losing means winning either the league or Champions League is an absolute must.
  10. Managed to get Alex Song on loan for the season (50% wages & future fee of £23.5m). He's been both transfer listed and listed for loan on both my saves with Ajax and now Chelsea. Has anyone here had any success with 18 year old Brazilian striker Ademilson who plays for Sao Paulo? He's available for £5.25m, decent stats for his age and he has 5 star potential according to my top scout.
  11. You're both right. Offered them £25m + Torres and they rejected. Falcao is now injured for 3 months so I'll save my money and see what happens in Jan. Just beat Man City 3-1 in the Charity Shield, Hazard managed 2 assists and Oscar got a goal, not bad debut for either player.
  12. Worth an attempt though surely? If not I'm happy to keep Torres and hopefully get the best out of him till Jan and then hopefully Falcao is transfer listed.
  13. Started a game with Chelsea myself, transfer listed Torres and the only team showing an interest is Atletico Madrid. Well seeing as they have Falcao I will attempt giving them Torres plus £15m or so in exchange for him.
  14. 10 games into the league and my Ajax side are top by 7 points. Won 7 and drew 3, I'm really impressed by the amount of youngsters and attacking options that Ajax possess. In my Champions League group I got : Bayern, Braga & Nordsjaelland. Currently sitting top by 2 points after 3 games which I'm also pleased with, really enjoying this save thus far.
  15. Just as all was going well for Fischer he's only gone and broken his foot in a league match. Good job attacking midfielder's is one of Ajax's specialities.
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