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  1. I'm playing in Italy where there's all kind of formations at the start but 10 years in most teams play 4-4-2.
  2. Bullet Style Throw In Help

    The corner setup is used for bullet throw ins.
  3. Genoa

    It's 3-4-3 actually and it does seem to be a bit over-powered even though they have some great players.
  4. decisions

    Seems to me Decisions is very important when taking penalties as well. I found the following in an online guide when trying to figure out why my best striker had put four penalties in a row straight at the keeper: I've also noticed he often does it on one-on-ones (like everyone used to in 10.2) and I suspect his rather low Decisions (10 in this case) may have something to do with it (Finishing, Composure etc are all around 17). Anyone else noticed this and can comfirm it?
  5. I've read Concentration or Decisions play a big part too which does seem to be true in my experience.
  6. I noticed the same thing after 10.3. One of my CBs (strong, quick and with great marking and tackling) almost never got ratings above 6, while his partner who was a lot better at jumping but worse at everything else would normally have 7+. Seems to me jumping is by far the most important attribute ratings-wise for a CB.
  7. But going over each player's instructions and changing them is exactly what he wants to avoid, isn't it?Personally, I think there's a little too much micro-management required, but my impression is most people (on this forum at least) like it that way.
  8. Teamtalk redundant

    Well, it's really helpful that it says "looking complacent" and not "playing nervously" then...
  9. Press Conferences

    Have you verified this is the case? I haven't, but I thought the player could also be more motivated to prove you wrong?
  10. Send to Specialist?

    Why isn't the estimated price included in the message? I suspected there was a cost, but nowhere does it actually say so.
  11. That's the loveliest league table I've ever seen.
  12. Used it a couple of times when the team is underachieving and morale is low. It's made a difference for me, and I'd be surprised if it didn't. What would be the point of having the option if it didn't do anything?
  13. 10.3 "corner exploit" thread

    As far as I can tell there are two separate issues, probably related. One is the bug/exploit mentioned in the bugs forum where one player lurking outside the area is unmarked. The other is when a player attacking the near post is unmarked and has time to shoot before being closed down. The latter occurs even when using the default corner routine.
  14. 10.3 "corner exploit" thread

    The exploit can just be ignored, but I agree with Boltman that my team too seem totally incompetent when defending corners which is a lot worse and that didn't happen in 10.2 with the same team.
  15. This, to me, is illogical and counter-intuitive. Doesn't this mean that a defender could potentially become much better at attacking and shooting than a striker? I would have guessed that a striker is a striker precisely because he has a knack for attacking and shooting, and thus would have an easier time training these things than the other way round. If this is the case, would it not be possible to hack this and train a very young defender as a striker and then training him for that position?What about players that are natural in several positions, is it more difficult for them to train things in general because they have the penalties from several positions, or is it beneficial because the coefficients are averaged for all the players positions?