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  1. Okay. With those results you had there it is tempting try a similar approach, thats for sure I was thinking of the detailed stats from the league table, like how many goals you have conceded and how many you've scored during the season. Also, your resultsfrom your schedule would be great to see. Thats all, thanks a lot
  2. That is a really impressive season there, well done! Would love to see more detailed stats from your Premiership performance. I'd also like to know more about your tactic, do you use any player instructions?
  3. That is really impressive, well done! What tactics did you use?
  4. This is probably a long shot, but any chance you would share your tactics once more rywilson? Like others here, I'm struggling atm, and could really need some new ideas for my Liverpool side
  5. Okay, thanks. This means you also change the team instructions, mentality and the shape of the team (fluidity) for each match depending on the opponent? Sorry for all these questions, but I'm just very curious since it's rare to see such good defensive records combined with the impressive goal ratio.
  6. Wow, impressive stats there Sabine, well done! Any chance we could have a look at your tactical setup? Cheers
  7. Have you tried the tactic on the new patch? I'm currently experimenting with a 4-1-2-1-2 with Chelsea myself, and it would be great if i could have a look at your tactic and team instructions. I would really appreciate it!
  8. I think it will affect your current game, as the patch is savegame-compatible. Anyhow, excellent season with an amazing league performance! well done mate! Any possibility you would share your tactics with us? Never seen a defensive record like that in the PL before.
  9. Still an amazing achievement you have there, with 38 games won, 142 goals scored and 0 conceeded! Even if you have 22 of the best players in this game in your squad, it is really impressive, so it would be interesting to have a look at your tactic and lineup.
  10. Sounds interesting, and you obviously have achieved som nice results. Any chance you would upload the tactic so we could have a look at it?
  11. Wow! How is that possible? 0 goals conceeded is insane! What tactics are you using?
  12. Thank you! Is it possible for you to post your current tactic aswell?
  13. Tactic Master: Excellent stats from the Forest game mate! What tactics are you using?
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