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  1. Some cracking fees on here...I've just sold my 21 year old Regen for 45mil think I paid 1.5mil for him 2 season before, signed a worldie replacement for 30mil from Liverpool and a 5star prospect for just over 6.5mil so good business really
  2. When I have loads of money I buy loads of HANDBAGS for people that clearly use theirs regularly.....
  3. Having started lower down the divisions with Mansfield in my current save I've managed to get them into the Championship and my rep is now National, now I'm quite happy at Mansfield but the board won't invest in making stadium bigger so reckon I'd like a crack at the Premiership with a bigger team and better infrastructure. Now I haven't applied for any other positions yet but the Hull job just became available, now they're currently languishing in 22nd and I'm currently 8th and I didn't even get mentioned as a possible successor, so I was just wondering how new jobs have come about for others really? And is there a certain amount of rep needed for certain leagues? Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated guys
  4. Now I know this isn't a win but was 3-1 down to Man City in the FA Cup, I'm Mansfield now League 1 and we are 3-1 down, just went completely gung-ho and managed to salvage a draw at 3-3...with all three of my goals being scored by Matthew Bates...who's a CB!
  5. Great thread guys:) Have taken on the challenge of Mansfield in latest save, have managed to achieve two successive promotions up to now, with a late rattle both seasons ensuring champions status. Have pretty much done it on 1 year contracts as well with players so when arrived in League 1 was nearly a new squad (just kept 5/6 best players from season before) managed to get Tom Pope for 250k in league 1 and finished top scorer with 26 goals, got Matthew Bates on a free as well and he managed to score a hat-trick against Man City in the cup (random)....currently lying 8th in Championship with Ryan Tunnicliffe been my best player up to now, anyone got any decent level championship players they can recommend and low cost?
  6. No matter how many times you appeal against ban/sending off I have never ever seen it rescinded, it's always just stood or given more games because I have a appealed...I don't mean to sound funny because I love the game, but if it's never going to happen then why have the option? I just want to know has anyone overturned a red card/suspension?
  7. Just before un-installing some previous years years games I had a nosey at some of the saves I'd done and noticed that from the year he came on the scene I've bought Moussa Sissoko in every new edition of Football Manager, so just wondering if there is a specific player you always go back for and why?
  8. Yes buy it.....but prepare to become, fat, angry, frustrated, reclusive, single, unemployed...etc.etc
  9. In response to the initial thread, I am Man United going into my 3rd season and half way through may 2nd season I was pitching at a bout 2nd or 3rd with about 3/4 points separating the 1st to 3rd, I was on a 10 game unbeaten run in the league 8 of those being wins.....then it happened I didn't win a game for 12 matches in all competitions and a the combination of red and yellow dots next to my fixtures began to take over my life! It was terrible, I had some bad injuries but I was getting panned left right and centre..I couldn't buy a win! In all honesty if I hadn't done a couple double the season before I think I would have lost my job (I was surprised I didn't anyway tbh),then all of a sudden we picked up the winning thread again and only lost once for the remainder of the season, although it was a little to late at this point as we had been knocked out of all comeptitions! It was strange to go on such a poor run but then IRL teams form deserts them sometime, so ya got to take the rough with the smooth I suppose!
  10. I bought Mario Gomez for 16.5 mil for Man Utd and use him as a target man with Hernandez as a poacher and it works a treat, Hernandez has scored 60 goals in 89 appearances over two seasons, Gomez has bagged a few as well...I found as well that if you can play a CAM behind the two strikers the CAM bags quite a few goals as well through using a TM..
  11. bellboy85


    Hi All I've played FM/CM every year since 97/98 and have just received the annual gift of the new FM 2012 and I am now thinking its about time I had a go on line, I've read some of the threads but I'm a little unsure of which game to join, so I'm just putting it out there really...if anyone has or knows a clan or game that would like another member I'd be well up for giving it a bash, I might need a little help on getting started but have played the game religiously since the 97/98 so playing is no problem, any feedback or help would be greatly received. Cheers Bellboy
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