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  1. As you said, it's not a fault of this skin but maybe can be a good help to set a nickname for him.
  2. Better now but it doesn't translate (sorry for being a bore).
  3. Thank you. It's a good way but not the best. There's no text now: Although, it's a minor problem.
  4. Yes it is. But there's one "error" that don't know how to fix. I show you:
  5. Hi Dimitri, I wonder if a mod like this could be added in a further uptade. It's for staff:
  6. In another thread, DimitriFromParis has give me a solution:
  7. That's fine. Thanks for helping!
  8. I'm using vitrex 2.0 skin. I like very much this skin but I have a problem with he Tactic screen. Let me show you: What I need to modify to change the colour of player names in tactic pitch? Thanks
  9. I'm using 1920x1080 size and the zoom is at 100%. I've tried zooming in and out and there's no change... it's so strange...
  10. In many cases, a very young player has many attributes to improve. I was wondering if you try to improve them looking for enhace a certain ability and, when it has been achieved, change your focus to another one. I'm not sure if I'm clear enough between the difference: choose attributes that are linked in a certain ability or just rotate attributes without further strategy than work for make him a better player. Nevertheless, I understand what you mean.
  11. It's me or it's not possible to cancel learning a ppm in FM16?
  12. Just a question about that. Do you rotate this attributes in order to improve a certain ability (in this case, the passing ability) or just the main ones to fit him in a specific role (that could be pace, composure and finishing for a poacher who needs to improve in this attributes)?
  13. "Reveals AI Teams Player roles and Duty Selection in the Next opposition Report Tab" I decided to use your skin for this feature, mainly. I hope you find how to code it and will add on next update. Thanks for your work!
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