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  1. I'm gonna "up" this 'cause I've wondered the same thing for some time and never gotten a definite answer?
  2. Hey SFraser, I understand you get a lot of questions and probably don't have time to answer them all, but I'll just bump this in case you get a couple of mins, cheers.
  3. I've been wondering about this for a while, and I still have a few questions: • If you keep a player on his regular training schedule while he's injured, could that do much harm? • Let's say one of my regular players gets injured for 2-3 weeks. I always put him on "long term injury" during that time, and then back on his normal schedule when my physio says he's back in training. But you are suggesting he should stay on the injury schedule for some more time, right? He should still be quite fit if he plays on a regular basis, so that's why I put him back on his normal schedule so soon. Is th
  4. This was a really good example of how I like to see my youngsters developing. Thanks for the excellent schedules:
  5. I have a Mac and I just put the .tsh file in the training schedule folder, worked fine.
  6. Is it suggested that you change the training during pre-season or continue to use it all year long?
  7. About half of my Under 19-squad complains that this training is too hard. Shouldn't that be something to worry about? Can they really improve in the same way as a player who is happy about the training schedule?
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