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  1. Well, he was just an example and he has been my best player during the whole game. No player in my club had any history between 2013 and 2018 anymore.
  2. OK, thanks. Well, I've played FM in the exact same way for more than ten years now and never used any anti-virus programs on my Macs. I use one at home and one at work and play the same save on both Macs. Thanks for your help.
  3. I re-name my saves every now and then in case something f**ks up, so I can go back to an older version. So two games back everything is normal so I'm gonna "start over" from then, but now I'll keep an eye on the player history and see if anything happens.
  4. No, do you reckon this could be the effect of a virus? That sounds really far fetched. I'm on a Mac btw.
  5. Hey, I just discovered that all my player history from 2012/13 up till now (2018) suddenly disappeared. Is anybody else familiar with this and if it is a bug or can be solved? Screenshot below from one of my players.
  6. Thanks for the great help and inspiration to create a proper Arsenal team! A bit off topic, but Munir looks like a vampire on the pitch. Pale as f**k.
  7. Many ppl in a swedish forum have same problem, we are trying to update but when we get to "Preparing for installation" everything just stands still and has done so for a very long time. Can SI confirm that there is too many ppl downloading at the same time and therefore nothing hapens, or do you suggest that we try again? I'm afraid that my activation code will be lost if I abort this installation. Edit: Never mind.
  8. Thanks, I found it. Now it's said "preparing for installation" for 15 mins and nothing at all happens...
  9. Where do I enter the code for the full version? I have Steam open but can't find where to fill in the code? If I open the game it's still beta.
  10. Thanks, I know that's the only option I have, and of course it's practice. But that won't solve the question why something that worked absolutely fine for six seasons now is totally impossible. Something must have happened.
  11. Yep, I tried that without luck. An although it is mid season in most of Europe, I never had any problems in my previous seasons, 2012-2017, to arrange friendlies at this point. From one year to another everything has changed totally.
  12. I play with the swedish side Djurgården in february 2018 and as every year I'm planning a tour abroad during my pre-season, to play three friendlies. I've traveled to different countries in Europe through the years and now it's time again, but when it's time to book the games there are no teams whatsoever to play against. I've tried with the countries I went to before; Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Holland and also countries in the rest of the world, but I can't find any opponents anywhere! I also noticed that there aren't any other teams from the swedish premier leaugue (Allsvenskan) availabe, so the only chance I have of playing a game is vs teams with really, really low reputation...games that ends 19-0 in my favour. I'm playing Barcelona in CL in three weeks and have to practice against decent opponents! I've never seen this happening before in my pre-season, instead I've always had a good choice of decent opponents, both swedish and foreign teams...what's happening here?
  13. I remember back in the days...before the "modern age" with Steam. Then I could play my FM game whenever I wanted. That was really fun. Now I can't play it when I want. Not as fun anymore. Will I continue to play FM after this? Not sure.
  14. I posted this in the bug forum now, so we'll see what happens. Off topic: I see you are from Cascais. I went there for a week two years ago, really nice town. Maybe my swedish flag still hangs in the roof in the irish pub O'Neill's? ;-)
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