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  1. Your press conferences, team-talks, and general build up to the match is probably at fault there.
  2. For the demo, maybe Man Utd, then will be going for Millwall like I always do and also Anzhi as that will be very fun indeed! I will probably end up managing every team on the game at some point though. Only a few games are successful, and I never know which ones they are!
  3. It happens to me every year at this time. What do I do? Do something else entertaining and then I'll have a great urge to play when the next version comes out
  4. First Name: Sam Last Name: Bellamy Common Name: Full Name: Sam Bellamy D.O.B.: 22nd May City: London Nation: England Preferred Number: 11 Position: ST 5 Primary Attributes: Acceleration, Finishing, First Touch, Composure, Off The Ball 3 Secondary Attributes: Pace, Decisions, Anticipation 7 Tertiary Attributes: Dribbling, Passing, Determination, Natural Fitness, Strength, Heading, Jumping PPM (Max 2): Moves Into Channels, Shoots with Power Personal Survey: Yannis Tafer.
  5. Yeah I have to agree! It's better than nothing though, and probably the only way you will be able to see overall career stats so there isn't much we can do. Obviously if you are good at mental arithmetic it shouldn't be as hard
  6. If you click on each season the stats for each competition in that season should be at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately you have to total them up yourself though if you want data over a long period of time.
  7. 141 days?! And I thought 27 days was long..... If the game is processing slowly, then it's probably a computer problem. Otherwise you are just playing FM properly, not missing anything out at all - the repetitveness doesn't seem to faze you Even at 2025, I am still getting through quite quickly.
  8. samb_95

    New attributes?

    News to me, I always thought agility was how quickly/well a person can turn/change direction/stance..... Where the recovery attribute is concerned, can't really see it happening, is it that important? Only lazy ***** stay on the floor for at least 2 seconds after tackling - in FM terms, would probably be a combination of determination and work rate perhaps
  9. samb_95

    Player haircuts...

    It's made him valuable as well xD I have encountered players balding, and like some of you, they all had long hair beforehand
  10. samb_95

    Game is seriously flawed

    Lol! Why would you let him go on a free?! Surely you could raise your transfer budget by at least £10m as well as increasing your wage budget by £185k
  11. samb_95


    Some more content to feast your lovely eyes on Marking Set-Ups How to Tactically Prepare for a Game Pablo Sarabia G'11 Logos As well as interactive features such as a Goal of the Week competition and a Community Relay Game coming soon, be sure to sign up and join the community, the FMCommunity FMCommunity
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    Check out our new content at FMCommunity: Pre-Season Friendlies SSMD Logos NEON'11 Logos Playmaking Strategy Plus much more articles, guides, downloads and top quality discussion on all areas of the beautiful virtual game. Don't be a guest, sign up and get stuck in! FMCommunity
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    Well, for one we strive to produce great discussion and quality content in all areas of the game, in the form of guides, articles, challenges and downloadable content, some of which is in the OP . Not only that we have a smaller member base, which I feel is an asset to the site as it creates a community feel; Everyone knows everyone, and members don't feel any pressure from the possibility of negative comments when they post their opinions. Thanks Digma, we are glad that you think so. About your suggestion, we are in the process of sorting that out as I type Sorry for the late replies, and feel free to make any more suggestions to improve the site.
  14. Kerrod, please, your language to the admin was completely uncalled for and down right offensive, and you are just making a fool out of yourself
  15. FMCommunity Welcome, this is just a small introduction as to what the site is about and what we offer that is different to other FM sites. We welcome every member with open arms and would love to see you over on the site signing up, and posting to get involved in the community feel of our site. Now, onto what we offer on the site. Firstly, I would like to point out just some of our excellent content we have on our site for you to read and download. These are the following: Community'11 Logo Pack Commentary Pack Building a Squad Guide The Advanced Playmaker Guide Player Interaction The Nike Defense My Take on Team Talks These can all be found on our mainsite at http://footballmanagercommunity.com and you can visit the forum at http://footballmanagercommunity.com/index Now, as you well know, we are FM Community. Normally that means a forum with generic threads and nothing else, well not us. We have created some databases, in the hope they will assist you when you are scouting for good talent within your game, or as a reference when you cannot think of a name. We take the word Community very seriously indeed, so instead of us putting all the details up and making it just another page for you, the members, to browse, we thought to make it more interactive and allow you to fill in your favourites. All the details asked for can be found in game. So if you are bored of FM and haven't got much to post about maybe you could get involved and add the details of some of your favourites, adding to our database and also helping many others in their search. As with everything here, this is through choice and not must, we want you to feel no pressure in adding records to the database, simply offering it as an interactive feature for you all to use and enjoy. FM Clubs Database FM Players Database FM Staff Database You can find more details on the databases and how to add to the interactive list here After this small introduction I hope you will take the time to take a look at the site in depth. Thank you for reading. The Staff Team on FMCommunity