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  1. None of the above have worked but I suppose I can live with it. Thanks anyway.
  2. Basically I downloaded this skin called Rd7 from FM Scout and when I click on players attributes they are not there. This is what I get. I have no idea what to do to see them so it's pretty pointless trying to solve this myself. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have tried him at left wing when i've had injurys in that position scored quite a few goals then aswell.
  4. There's actually not one regen thats of similar quality or better than what i've currently got. Also have you tried developing Bakenga, has scored over 100 goals for me so far.
  5. Scout reckons I can get Nem for £17.5m. What you think go for it or find a cheaper option?
  6. Can anyone recommend any better attacking right wingers than Darko Lazovic? In summer transfer window 3rd season £22m to spend.
  7. Why don't you check to see how many days left he needs to spend in the country before he can apply for a work permit, so you dont need to offer stupid wages that isn't needed.
  8. Have Belgium loaded and he's not in my game. Do I have to load all players of Belgium nationality or load all leagues in Belgium.
  9. Is it possible to remove age restrictions so I don't have to wait until players are 18 to be signed from south america. If so how do I do this ? If this is not possible then can I put these countries in some sort of agreement.
  10. How do I stop Norton from not letting me download ?
  11. Anyone tried Junior Hoilett as a attacking left winger, might not be as good as previous versions but still an absolute beast. Also i'd highly recommend Jack Wilshere as a attacking left winger has been amazing all season long.
  12. How does this count as you obviously made these players in the editor. Can't use real players so have to cheat to win.
  13. Was going to him then chose Doumbia instead Attributes look similar if not better than your Damaio.
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