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  1. Thanks for the info mate. When I've played a few games I'll give you some feedback.
  2. I'm going to try this tactic with Oxford, just about to start my second season in the prem, in 2018. Obviously I'm unable to get most of the players you've mentioned so I was hoping you could highlight the key attributes for each position for me? Cheers
  3. Does anyone have any specific attributes they look for in each position? I'm oxford about to start my second season in the prem on a tight budget and would appreciate any advice anyone has.
  4. it's funny because i was struggling to score before the update. since i've updated i've been scoring a lot more. don't know if it will help but if i'm dominating possession in a game i just keep increasing my mentality until i score. for example, i always start every game 'standard' and if i'm dominating possession, after five minutes i'll go 'control' and if i'm still dominating but haven't scored i'll go 'attacking' at around 25 minutes. i don't go 'overload' unless it's after 75 mins or i'm down by more than one goal (rarely happens though). also, when i do score i immediately change to 'counter' for 5-10 minutes as i expect the opposition to push on a bit to try and get a goal. using 'counter' you can expose them when they commit men forward and i often get goals like this. team talks are really important too. at half-time, if most players have ratings under 7 (which they normally do) i 'aggressively' say 'i'm not happy with the display' and get a largely positive reaction and tend to play much better in the second half. hope this helps
  5. Last night I finished off my season using 14.2 (from Morecambe onwards). Here are the results: As you can see there was a marked improvement. Prior to the update, I was really struggling to score. Defensively I was solid but couldn't buy a goal. I did begin to concede a few more after the update, but I was always (except once) able to outscore my opponent. Also, in the one game that I lost the opposition scored two penalties and a 25-yard free kick (which is very rare) so I reckon that was just 'one of those games' where you're predestined to lose. I should point out a brought a striker in on loan during the same period who scored five in six which obviously helped a lot. But overall there definitely was an improvement after the update. Here's the league table:
  6. Won't get a chance to find out till later today. Once I've played a few games I'll post my results.
  7. Looks interesting - thanks for posting. How many teams have you tested it with and for how long?
  8. I don't think you should abandon the tactic. There are plenty of reasons why it hasn't worked so far. Like you said, familiarity is low - get that up ASAP. Also, it's likely they went on a bad run of form before sacking the previous manager so player morale will probably be very low, therefore you'll need to give some effective team talks to get morale up (which is integral to players performing well). Another possibility is that - by sheer chance - Vancouver had players that were very well suited to this tactic and Ipswich do not. Obviously you'll have to wait until the transfer window opens to properly rectify that, but in short term, you can change the instructions to suit your team better. For example, if you have slow defenders, you should untick 'offside trap' and 'play higher up' (possibly change it to 'drop deeper'). Also, if you're not keeping possession, try ticking 'work ball into box'. The quality of your DM and False Nine is also key. If you've got a striker who is useless as a F9 you will struggle to score. A lot of my goals come from the F9 playing in the wingers - if you've got a traditional number 9 or poacher for a striker, he won't be effective in this system. Also, goals for me tend to come from my Advanced Playmaker laying on through balls for the wingers, so his passing and creativity attributes should be top notch. Finally, as wingers tend to score the most in this tactic (at least for me) it's crucial that you have fast dribblers here with decent composure (they get a lot of one on ones). Just so you know where I'm coming from: I took over Oxford (Football League 2) in November (I started unemployed and the manager, Chris Wilder, was sacked) and they were in 21st place. I managed to get the last playoff place using this tactic (although didn't get promoted unfortunately). Having had a whole preseason I've managed to sign some more suitable players and we're in 1st place (but not running away with it - only a point clear) in December.
  9. Sorry to drag up an old thread but I'm looking to implement this in FM2014. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to update the player roles? I was thinking Messi's role as a Trequartista could be changed to False Nine for a start. Also Busquets as a Regista perhaps...
  10. Agreed. After going on a run of good form it's important to guard against complacency otherwise results will deteriorate. From what I've read team talks are the most effective tools at your disposal. I've found a useful looking guide here. Haven't used it yet myself but looks as though it's had a lot of positive feedback.
  11. If using the tactic with an Advanced Playmaker in the middle instead of a Central Midfielder I'd definitely put Rooney in there instead of upfront
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