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  1. thanks it worked much apprecieated:D:D:D
  2. everytime i go on to football manager on steam it says not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of default.xml
  3. if there is a vicous foul have questions about it in the press confernce and have a paper deliverd to you every da with all the news and organise team outings to build the confidence before the new season
  4. Q.1 My password got changed on steam but i did not change it did this happen to any1 else Q.2 Can you get facepakes and stuff on steam
  5. Chris Smalling

    thanks mate is he any good tho
  6. In the new patch is chris smalling in man uniteds future transfers:confused:
  7. everytime i try to go on to steam it says failed to load steamUI localization file. any help would be greatful
  8. steam.exe(main exeption):CMultiField(pSerialized):Bad field extends past the end of the blob is what it says
  9. whenever I try to go on to steam it says somethng that i cant bother reading and at th it says .......past the end of the blob.Any help all help would be greatful cheers
  10. Your Greatest Victory

    Beating Holland 6-0 nil away with ireland then got to the playoff and lost on penelties or with ivory coast in the world cup final beating france 7-1
  11. the same thing happend me with man united but i am only grting little compensation any help
  12. editor on steam

    thanks i will try now;)
  13. i cant launch editor on steam it says editor already running any tip cheers:thup:
  14. editor on steam

    I already put something like this on already but everytime i try it says editor is already running and im really annoyed all help would be great: