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  1. That penalty, not denying it could have been given, but it's very light. It's that kind of given where being the host-country plays a huge factor.
  2. Unless Januzaj makes a crushing impression in the next 3 friendlies I don't think he will start either. I reckon Mirallas will be fit again when the tournament starts so it will be either him, De Bruyne (Fellaini on the mdfield) or Mertens. I think Wilmots recognizes a lot of his 2001-2002 season in Fellaini's current situation. I'm guessing Fellaini's gonna start instead of Dembele or with De Bruyne on the right-wing and Witsel-Dembele-Fellaini on the midfield.
  3. So Bossut it is. Better hope nothing happens to both Courtois and Mignolet or we'll be royally screwed.
  4. Wasn't picked during the campaign because Wilmots received negative reports concerning his behavior from the national -21 coach Johan Walem. I think he also was a benchsitter for Lazio most of the time after the new year.
  5. The Belgian one is not 100 % accurate though. It says the language is French, but the country is multilingual Dutch/French/German and the voice pronouncing the names speaks with a clear Flemish (Dutch) accent.
  6. What's your link with Thorgan Hazard btw Philip? Don't get me the wrong way, I think he's a talented kid. But not in the same league as let's say Januzaj. It's hard to imagine where he would fit in, instead of who? I'm not a Defour fan but he has proven Wilmots his worth the past campaign. And Fellaini... despite all the schtick he's been getting, he has a pretty unique profile. If he performs at his top level he wins like 95 % of the aerial duals in both defense and midfield and is a considerable threat during set pieces. He might not be the most technical or mobile player, but you have Dembele or Witsel for that. I dunno, for me it's a very logical selection with the right balance of players who deserve to be there and players we need, even though there might be players missing who deserved to be there.
  7. Had them as dark horses in the previous world cups. But today their golden generation is getting kinda old.
  8. What I heard was a reporter asking Wilmots if Januzaj was taken along so he could play and bind himself to Belgium? To which Wilmots replied that it is not certain Januzaj will play, but he wants him along for the experience anyway. Maybe that's the part Philip was referring to? It's different than saying he's not likely to play though.
  9. Pocognoli has been glued to the bench in Hannover and hasn't played a game from them since March. Is rumored to (be forced to) leave the club this summer. In short not good enough to be taken along.
  10. The problem with Nainggolan is that he's seen as defensive/controlling midfielder. On that position he has to compete with Witsel, Fellaini and Defour. 3 player who already earned their place in the qualifiers. I don't think Chadli is THAT highly rated over here. But he's seen as either a nr 10 or a right-winger, so not a direct competitor to Nainngolan. And again Chadli also earned his credit the past two years where Radja is more or less seen as a new guy.
  11. Well tbf, he said it's not certain he's going to play, not that he's not likely. Watched 2 of his games season and must say he's quite a talent though. Already very complete player. Although he still very raw.
  12. Divock Origi from Lille big surprise since he wasn't selected before. Debuted with the Belgian u21 about 1 month ago and will immediately be going to the World Cup as Benteke's replacement.
  13. edit: Divock Origi from Lille is selected! No Nainggolan. And no Simons Wilmots just gave the definite 24 man selection btw. :o
  14. Crap, I meant assumed! (sudden dyslexia ftl?)
  15. Switzerland's one of my favorite underdogs. Surprised they haven't performed better so far. Because they always had a cracking team the past 8 years.
  16. Cameroon's obviously should have been "Hear me roar" or "A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep". Missed opportunity. :/ I think most slogans suffer a bit from the English translation, where in their original language there's a bit of rhyme to it. They're still cheesy as **** though.
  17. IMHO it's the best England squad in years. The past tournaments there were always a couple of players in the squad like Lennon, Heskey or Carragher that made you go like 'him, really?'. But I think most players in this selection had a superb season and really deserved to be there. (although I'm not a big fan of Smalling) Should be an interesting tournament for England.
  18. Watched Aron Johannsson play on numerous occasions but I honestly had no idea he was American.
  19. I was wondering out of curiosity, is it common for Cypriots to root for Greece during major tournaments?
  20. People rate us too highly. I'm hoping for the second round but given that fact we're playing two very solid but relatively unknown teams (South Korea and Russia) and our poor record when it comes to Norh African teams (Algeria) I can see us screwing it up.
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