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  1. Some games have been well... less entertaining than others but still very much enjoying this. I get a burnout on regular basis throughout the season, but I don't think I have ever other had/will have one during a WC. Even in an increasingly multicultural society and football world there's something exhilarating about seeing these 2 nations, 2 civilizations clash. 2 nations standing as one, hunting for glory. Superstars and famed teams failing to perform resulting in early exits, while complete nobody's become world famous and make history in 90 minutes time. Korea-Algeria, USA-Ghana, Holland-Australia. In how many other sports are these teams bound to meet? Seriously when the day comes when a fifa world cup can no longer excite me, my life has lost all purpose.
  2. How were they unfortunate? Tonight they're finally showing they can play football very well, against us they were fine with parking the bus, resulting in a grand total of 2 shots (barely) on goal. Makes you wonder why they didn't try that before.
  3. Obviously automatic qualifications don't count.
  4. Why is't Italy included in the poll? Too obvious winner? Mine personal top 5 is. 1) Italy 2) Russia 3) England 4) France 5) Japan
  5. We actually did it 6 times in a row (1982-2002) before we became pish in the early 00's. Although admittingly you guys beat us to the 5. (1974-1990)
  6. He's gracious, strong, has a quite good ball control and a good tackle. That he slows down the game massively, always takes the easy way out and restricts himself by giving short passes sideways (where's the player from Standard?) of course is completely redundant. He's very good, I just don't understand what should make him brilliant or world-class. Surely it's not the opponents we've faced in the qualifiers or he's playing against in the mighty Russian league? We'll see. Next game this Sunday.
  7. In all honesty he's playing for FC Utrecht and it's not exactly like he's killing it over there.
  8. Witsel is very overrated in Belgium. He's good. He's even very good. He's not brilliant or even 'world-class' in contrary what people try to make of him. I'm gonna be honest, I was very skeptic before the Algeria match. Right now I'm feeling rather pessimistic. Mostly because our performance last night was not a fluke against a poor team - even though Algeria's only intention was to park the bus - but it's just a confirmation of what 'certain player's' and the team in general have been showing for years and go's back to the England friendly in 2012, our entire campaign (Croatia at home, Scotland at home until '68, Macedonia at home, Serbia at home, Wales at home), the past friendlies and the past game. We can't bring up the pace, too little movement, poor backs, bad link-up play, etc... These problems did not miraculously disappear against Algeria and they're not gonna against Russia, South Korea or any other possible future teams. About the line-up yesterday. Not including the central defender position (Vermaelen was just not good enough before the tournament) there were only 2 positions in doubt before the game: The right-wing and who would join Witsel and De Bruyne on the midfield. Wilmots had to make 2 choices and with Dembele instead of Fellaini and Chadli instead of Mertens he choose 2 times wrong. For the next game it seems more than logical that Mertens and Fellaini should start. Lukaku played a very unsuccesful match against Algeria and I'm not his biggest fan, but I do acknowledge he has certain qualities that will better come to use against more attacking opponents with more space behind the defense. Seems a bit risky to put all our faith in a still only 19 year old Origi while possibly ruining the only other alternative we have. Lukaku should keep his position against Russia imo.
  9. Not including today's Brazil-Mexico, this tournament has had some really odd (read crap) goalkeeping. Criticism on the world cup-ball is bound to appear?
  10. Game started well, but personally I think it's getting progressively worse.
  11. South Korea the better team now. This looks like two good teams.
  12. Russia seems interesting in these opening minutes. Obviously lots of technique in the team.
  13. 5 minutes later and I'm still thinking about this question. What a noodle-scratcher!
  14. People who predicted better from us obviously never seen us play. We always have lots of possession and a relatively good defense. But we're a way too static team. I agree we could definitely use that type of player, but if think there's more lacking. We need backs and we have too many players who demand and need to 'feel' the ball and too few players making off-the-ball runs and 'going deep'.
  15. Thought it was very typical Belgium match, so I'm kinda glad this was the game of our introduction to an international audience. We have lots of possession and a relatively solid defense. But there's absolutely no depth or no tempo in this team. This was probably the slowest game of the entire WC. Our backs are a major problem (they have been for years). Alderweireld and Vertonghen are fine players, but they're central defenders who add nothing in offense and are not agile or fast enough in defense, so it's no coincidence the penalty came after an absolutely unnecessary fault from the latter one. Dembele is a fantastic player, but he brings absolutely zero depth. His standard move is: he gets the ball, he runs, he runs some more, he makes a few turns and cuts, then he passes the ball to the back or to a player standing like 1 meter away from him. Lukaku is a good player for a counter team, he just doesn't fit this model. His link up play is awful. Apart from the last 10 minutes, Hazard played in his usual Belgium-mode. Invisible. These are not the observations from tonight. It's the same problems over and over again in each new game during the entire campaign, every friendly and logically also on this tournament. Like I said before on this forum, we're not a dark horse. We just aren't that good. We should have the ambition for the second round, learn from it and try to improve and be better in 2-4 years.
  16. Don't say I didn't told you say. No tempo whatsoever, static play with little depth and not a surprise the error comes from one of our backs. Same old, same old. But yeah it was miraculously going to be better at the wc. And Lukaku's link up play...
  17. Belgium: Courtois, Vertonghen, Van Buyten, Kompany, Alderweireld, Witsel, Dembele, Chadli, De Bruyne, Hazard en Lukaku. Dembele instead of Fellaini or Defour. Chadli instead of Mertens, Mirallas or Januzaj. Van Buyten instead of Vermaelen or Lombaerts. apart from that no real surprises.
  18. What are you talking about Kontermann? The US were poor and Russia hasn't even played yet.
  19. impressive: 1.Germany 2.France 3. Italy 4. The Netherlands 5. Brazil (didn't think they were great, but they did look 'solid' if that makes any sense) Least Impressive 1 Iran 2 Honduras 3 Greece 4 Nigeria 5 Cameroon or Ghana (so far I've found the African teams to be really disappointing)
  20. I think it's sort of a give and take relation between the press and players, which should come from a mutual respect where they realize they often depend on each other and both have a job to do. imo it's not something that should by any means be contractually obligated, unless it's somehow attached to a sponsor. In this scenario you see lots of players giving interviews to German and Portuguese television. But it's a world cup, pretty much every international press from all over the world are present. There's just as much reason to give an interview to a Dutch interviewer than there's to one (let's say) from Djibouti. I mean, you can't do it all.
  21. Some massive over-hyping, boasting and over-anticipation, I really have the feeling all the pieces are set for a massive disappointment. My gut says 1-1 and if we really disappoint 0-1. But in spirit of the tournament and a hopeful start I'm going for a 2-1. Our tempo needs to go up compared to the previous games though.
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