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  1. Not all that surprising given that Yugoslavia ceased to exist a number of years earlier.

    I don't get what you're hinting at. So after they broke up that game went erased from all memory? :D

  2. Weird that from Euro 2000 nobody mentioned the incredible Yugoslavia - Slovenia game with Yugoslavia equalizing in the final 20 minutes after being 0-3 down.

    Zlatko Zahovič was amazing in that tournament. (has a son now playing for Heerenveen)

    Another player that really stood out during the championship was Nuno Gomes from Portugal. And ofcourse Kluivert scoring for fun.

  3. E-Type - Campione 2000 and Jlo's (back when she was still Jennifer Lopez) "Let's Get Loud" hold a special place in my heart. Although I admit its more due to the nostalgia factor rather than being good songs.

    The Anastacia and Nelly Furtado songs were bollocks though. (or were those World Cup songs? I forgot)

  4. Oh c'mon. Is it even possible to be 'world class' in a qualifying round with (all due respect) Macedonia, Wales, Scotland, Croatia and Serbia. Neither of these team are world beaters. Although I'm sure those 2 Macedonian breadbakers are still having nightmares of 2 big ass afro's heading their way. :D

    Also I dare say Witsel's way of constantly slowing down the game was already apparent 4 years ago. The only difference between now and then was that back then we were coming out of the dark ages and we were totally in awe of all that possession.

    We were so accustomed to losing again the likes of Kazachstan, we we're thrilled by all those (scrappy 1-0) wins.

    However I do agree that our current line up with 3 defensive midfielders is very counter-productive for his type of play and exposes his weaknesses even more. But let's be honest, if you had to choose only one defensive midfielder and the choice was between Witsel, Dembele or Nainggolan. You'd always pick the 2 latter ones right?

  5. It's pretty odd I can remeber EC2000, WC2002, EC2004, WC2006, WC2010 and WC2014 still very vivdly. But the EC2008 and 2012 or two big nothings in my mind. I really had to google where they were happening and who won them. I probably watched every game though, as I do with every tournament.

  6. I'm just waiting for the day he FINALLY kicks Witsel from the starting line-up. He slows everything down so much, he just doesn't fit our team at all yet is always the first name on the team sheet. Stuff like that just shows how weak of a tactician Wilmots is really.

    Also I don't think he's going to put Lukaku upfront. Luckily that is something he gets right. Lukaku is going to get his chance in the upcoming friendlies and is likely going to be pretty bad and lose his place. I obviously hope he can finally do something good for us, but I don't see it happening.

    Oh remember the same time 2 years ago when you guys were calling Witsel (I think) a world class top 5 defensive midfielder, ready for Real Madrid and better than Xabi Alonso and I was branded as being "too negative" because I didn't agree? I do. :D

    Feeling really tempted to look for the discussion now. :)

    Edit: oh good times :D


  7. That Belgium squad is so strong on paper!

    Who's the other Lukaku!?

    From what I gather Jordan Lukaku could be playing in the Premier League next season. Watford is supposedly eying him.

    Not a bad player. Technically above average. Explosive player good going forward, but I'm having my doubts about his defensive positioning. Considering he's playing in the Belgian League for Oostende he's still relatively untested at a higher level.

    On-topic: I think our squad looks good imo but our defence is gonna be a problem I fear. Both our centre-halve from the previous World Cup are gone (Kompany injured, Van Buyten retired) and our back-ups for the defensive positions are not quite up to the standard of the rest of the squad. Vermaelen is never gonna be fit for an entire championship, Lombaerts is decent without anything more and Denayer is talented, but he is what he is. A 20-year defender currently playing for Galatasaray. Still has lots to learn and looked a bit shaky against Portugal.

  8. For the record, no, I'm not into to huge girls either, I'm attracted to the Jennifer Lopez, Christina Hendricks types, whereas your Keira Knightleys, Kate Moss's, Frankie Sandfords (before the bloat) do nothing for me at all. Completely accept that other people would be the other way around, all, or neither etc.

    Hear hear! This man's got taste. The way Salma Hayek looked in Desperado (and actually still looks now) is my idea of what comes the closest to perfection.

  9. Fair enough. Is 'believeable' then but I don't know how much of this stuff the North Koreans actually believe and how much is 'yeah, yeah, ok, sure thing' not rocking the boat

    How many 'Westerners' believe the anti-North Korea propaganda coming through our media? The deaths of the vice president and the singer/lover (who showed up singing on a concert a few weeks later), the supposedly discovery of a unicorn lair, apparently North Korean media outlets reporting on Kim Jong-Il's golf score, all the men being forced to sport a haircut like the great leader etc.. they all turned out to be fake story's fabricated by Western media instead of North Korean indoctrination.

    I do believe there's some serious propaganda going on over there, but it's probably a lot more subtle and lot less stupid than what our media try to make of it.

  10. Great pic :thup:

    The Belgian team are in such a great position now. Have nothing to lose, nothing to prove and still are good enough to be with the favorites. Keep playing like yesterday and they have to fear no one. Well done after such a long time away from the tournament.

    As a non-Belgian, I can only fear for the coming Euros and WCs, this team should be getting even better.

    Weren't you like actively rooting against us just last night? :D

    Belgium attacked furiously for all of 10 minutes. Tired already? :D
    Dempsey, hit it dammit!
    Belgium are not going to score here.
    He can walk after that :eek: Made of rubber.
    After that stretched leg by Vertonghen. Jones sure has to take some physical abuse here ^^
    Game ON! Here comes a real American story!

  11. Belgium have definitely been the strongest team in the World Cup on the boredom scale, may have scaled new heights.

    I'm not gonna deny we've been (one of) the most boring team(s) on the WC, but scaling new heights... then you're just exaggerating.

    Also bare in mind our 3 opponents: Algeria had no other intentions against us than parking the bus, Russia was along with us one of the slowest playing teams of the tournament, while against South Korea we had to play the majority of the game with 10 players.

    I reckon against stronger opponents we might've gathered less points, but we would've played more attractive football.

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