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  1. Spain's screwed now. Once you get behind against the Italians you know they'll close the door.
  2. Honestly first game of the tournament in which I thought we played very well. We had one good second half against Ireland, but I felt this was a better performance on a whole. Truth be told we should have scored more in the second half and afterwards Hungary missed some good chances for the equalizer and the 3-1, so despite the victory being well-deserved, maybe we again had a bit of luck on our side and the end score was a bit harsh for Hungary. The game did remind me a bit of the USA game at the previous World cup, in the sense that Hungary did give away a lot of space and a lot more than you usually see at this international stage. There will be a lot less of that when we face Wales who are a rather defensive team who like to keep a lot of players behind the ball, waiting for the counter. We have a lot of problems facing these kind of opponents and breaking the deadlock. I think Wales will be favorites as we only took 1 out of 6 points from them during the Euro qualifiers and 5 out of 12 including the 2014 World Cup qualifers. I reckon a lot will depend on whether or not we score the first goal. Also Vermaelen's suspension is a major loss. He was playing a great tournemant and defensively I don't have much confidence in either Denayer or J. Lukaku. Oyeah and Hazard was immense. Best game I've seen him play in the Belgian shirt in which he ussually dissapoints. Thought Romelu Lukaku was pretty poor again. Bad decision, playing in too soon, too late, bad controls... the times he screwed up a promising counter... I expect a different striker (Batshuayi or maybe even Benteke) against Wales.
  3. Nah, over the course of our 4 previous confrontations I don't think you guys gave us even a quarter of the space the Hungarians gave us last night. Besides we still looked vulnerable on the counter.
  4. Portugal wouldn't even be there if it weren't for the new format tbh.
  5. Croatia's exit last night sealed the deal for me as they were easily my favorite team in tournament. I absolutely HATE this EC. The football for the biggest part has been dreadful. A lot of teams bringing negative football and that's ok because they're small and playing for God and country. And the ones that do try to play football been failing at it miserably. At this point I'm still rooting for Spain and Germany who haven't been stellar, but still show some signs of offensive intentions. Also from a logical POV, a team will reach the stage they're at because they were stronger than their opponents. But from the POV of a football fan I don't think any team of 'group 1' (Poland, Portugal, Wales, Hungary, Belgium) deserve to go the semi-finals or even the finals and it's kind of an indication of how poor the competition has been and the flaws in the current 24 team system.
  6. I'm pretty sure Wilmots will leave after the EC regardless of the outcome. People (and players?) are tired of him and there are a lot of naive German and French clubs out there who'd love him as their manager. I'd love to see Vanhaezebrouck follow him up, but I don't think he'll do it at this stage in his carreer. Besides I think it's already more or less determined my the media and people at the belgian football association that Michel Preud'homme will succeed Wilmots. Also I've given up on Lukaku becoming anything more than a midtable team striker. There are just certain things he doesn't have and never will have. Divock Origi is still a bit hit and miss from time to time. But based on his end-season form I fully expected him to further develop at Liverpool the next 2 years and we'll have a much more complete striker on our hand by the next WC.
  7. Yeah told my mate the same as well somewhere around minute 75. "I could see the Swedes score any minute now and it wouldn't be undeserved. " Eventually we scored from a deflected shot. I agree on Dembele. Ussually we just play very slow, but we dominate ball possession, now it was around 50-50. Which probably had a lot to do with his absence.
  8. One good half vs Ireland and back to our old pains. Got lucky in the end as well. The ruled out goal from Zlatan was doubtful and a ball cleared from the line by the De Bruyne. If we beat Hungary - which far from a certainty the way we play - surely we must be the worst team reaching the quarter final in the history of the EURO's? On a positive note De Bruyne looked better than he did in the previous well...6 games and Vermaelen has been outstanding throughout the group stages. Also Courtois reliable as usual.
  9. I'd say Croatia is the odd one in that line-up as they are currently the best team in the tournament and imho top contender for the title.
  10. The strange thing about Modric is that when you see him next to all the other players he looks so small and sinewy. Even compared to me. You would barely assume he's a professional athlete. Yet when you see him play, turn away from his opponent or give one of his perfect 40 yard passes, there seems to be coming so much power and explosively from him. It's a delight to see.
  11. TBH England has been underperforming at most big tournaments for years. But currently there are 24 teams at EURO 2016 of which only France, Germany, Spain, Italy and perhaps Portugal have enough structural continuity or potential to presume they're very likely to win it more than once in a lifetime.
  12. I disagree on Breel Embolo though. I do not doubt his talent but think he has been pretty underwhelming so far. Made a lot of bad choices against Albania and Romania, and I don't think he touched a ball or won one duel last night against (a very strong playing) Koscielny.
  13. Croatia have their best team since the World Cup 98 I dare say.
  14. Truthfully I did expect Chiellini in there. Bale, Ronaldo and Neuer (did well though) are arguable but the rest of the team seems alright.
  15. Nothing beats North Korea in the 2010 World Cup TBH.
  16. Really enjoyed the Turkey-Croatia, Germany-Ukraine, and the Wales-Slovakia games. Was bored during Northern Ireland-Poland. The rest of the games were ok. Very few stand-out games so far, but also very few stinkers. So I guess that's a plus. But most of the teams have been playing very organized that's for sure. edit: gave it a 7, but should be something like a 6,5.
  17. I don't even think we choked or players are "entering primadona mode". The issue here is that we've been playing this kind of slow, static, boring and none-threatening football for the past 4 years. You can screw around for 90 minutes against the likes of Cyprus, Israel or Andorra, get away with a lucky win and go "yeah we didn't play well, they kept things well-closed, it was a long season, but it will be better next time" but sooner or later a less than average team is gonna come along and punish you for it. The difference is that during the WC2014 and its qualifiers we still had Kompany and Van Buyten so we could keep the zero. And since we finally qualified after 12 years nobody minded the 1-0 scrappy wins and the football being *****. But the truth is we are very easy to defend against. Once we concede a goal the opposition only needs to hang back, keep 5 people in the back at all time, and there is absolutely no way for us to break the deadlock. We already showed this against Wales in the qualifiers and our last 3 friendlies. Now that we lost our central defence and we're no longer able to keep the zero, our flaws are twice as exposed. That said. Knowing our flaws, last night line-ups made no sense at all though. 4 central defenders, 3 defensive midfielders, De Bruyne (who was absolutely horrible) and Hazard on the flanks and Lukaku as target man. Not sure what kind of creativity Wilmots expected. I fully expect us not to qualify from the group stages and Wilmots to be replaced after the tournemant.
  18. Myeah the expected line-up has ***** written all over it and lacks any sense of logic. 3 defensive midfielders in the middle, Hazard and De Bruyne as wingers and very likely Alderweireld and Vertonghen on the backs. Be prepared to be bored to death by our static and slow play. At least at the World Cup we had a solid defence, now we don't even have that anymore.
  19. IMHO the best game of the tournament so far. Germany looked very good but so did Ukraine. Unlucky for them not to score. Germany's defence is gonna need some work though. Germany and Croatia best teams (and best games) up to this point. (Yeah I know still very early )
  20. They're gonna concede that goal if they keep wasting those chances.
  21. Really liking this Croatia side. One of the strongest sides I've seen so far on this tournament. The midfield in particular is amazing.
  22. 1 full month of international football. I'm excited! Really looking forward to the start of the tournament this evening. France should win this one easily. But IRC France has a pretty bad record with opening games haven't they?
  23. Watch all matches and all highlights again.
  24. 4 years back Meunier used to play as a striker in the Belgian 3th division. He got converted to a right-back at Club Brugge. As a result he is a very attacking-minded wing-back who tends to leave some space in his back. Didn't have a great season this year though. Got called up after the injuries in the defence department started piling up. Toby's still a better option. However after today I think Jan and Toby will start the EC in the centre and Ciman (30 year old veteran who's currently playing in the MLS for Montreal) will be at the right. Denayer started the first 2 friendlies in the centre and today at the right-back. He looked exposed at all 3 occasions. You can see he's a talented kid, but I don't think he's ready yet for this level.
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