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  1. I think the quality of football has been pretty mediocre and sometimes even bad. But you got to admit that the "turns and twist" and the surprise exits have been pretty exciting. I also feel that there are some teams like France and Uruguay that are starting to grow in the tounement.
  2. From what I hear from people around me almost everyone kinda expects us to easily beat Japan and be eliminated after Brazil. (with a cautionate "but Brazil haven't been playing that great so far") Also when you realistically look at the tournement I feel France, Uruguay, Croatia, (home team) Russia and (maybe even) Mexico had a more impressive tournement than us so far. You got to be honest, Belgium-England was a game between 2 reserve sides, and with Panama and Tunisia our group was maybe the weakest of the first round. A bit surprised the Colombia comment. Because again "in my surr
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