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  1. i noticed a trend - when i enquired or put in a bid for a particular player, the initial asking price was normally high for an above avg player (around $15 - $25mil). Said e.g. the club would slapped an asking price of $25 mil when the player valuation was only $5 mil. I would counter offer my first negotiation at said $10mil. The club would normally rejected and asked for this time a slightly lower price, said $23 mil (or sometimes the same asking price). I will then put in another bid, this time slightly higher than my first bid, said $11 mil. The negotiation would goes on till i realized the club would normally accept my bidding price of said e.g $15 mil. in most cases, i have to pay double the valuation for the player i really wanted, but still lower than what they originally (unrealistically) wanted. This works for me on most transfer wars, but there are still some bids which the club would insist on a particular high price. For these, i normally have no choice but to look for alternatives.
  2. yeah...ancelotti was probably...and his sister... LOL
  3. my apologize... I rephrased my question to him: "Are you sobbing about Chelsea losing the match by 4 goals or ranting about the fact that Chelsea "dominate" the match yet still lost by 4 goals? well, don't be sad. my point is whether if you are managing the team or not, look at the various stats for reasons on the lost.
  4. Are you sobbing about the match lose or ranting about the fact that you "dominate" the match yet still lost? Don't be annoyed. Below is why: 1) firstly, while your team may have fired 18 shots, 12 are probably long shots, only 3 on target and 10 off targets. 2) 0 CCCs 3) your team avg ratings is only 6.08, compare to Blackburn 7.49 My only thinking is your players or strikers have a off day. if i see my team could only firing shots from long, i would have probably change my tactics a little to get more balls into the box etc...
  5. injury crisis (not a rant)

    the 10.3 patch did increase the injury percentage to certain extend. But if you adjusted the training intensity and rotated your players at appropriate time, you should be to avoid your current injury crisis. i face the same problem too, but not now. i'm not sure if this helps, but my often used shout is "stay on feet", so it might also contributed to my low injury per game rate.
  6. Is this realistic guys?

    why would it be unrealistic? lower league teams often struggled to buy good players due to their shoe string budget...and their hopeful alternative is to get some loans, if they could attract. And often they end up with the younger players, who either are not trusted by their bigger teams, or they are being shipped out to gain first team experience. desperate for playing time and to impress their parent coach, these young players will often played their hearts out for their loan team. so it is no surprise you have achieved good result using these loaned players. in fact, if you tell me you are able to attract the big players to your small low budget team playing in the conf league, then something is wrong.
  7. Your worst flop ever?

    not actually a flop, but i gambled and signed a backup gk for free. I got a huge cries of concerns from all corners about how he might potentially disrupt the team and dressing room harmony. shipped him out on loaned for the whole of his first season, and sold him off to Juventus the next season for some 2mil. Played 0 games, and the fans signed a huge relief on his departure and actually praised the move of selling him to our arch rivals...
  8. The talk about the AI does not learn your tactics does not necessary means the AI will go into the match with you without bothering how well your team have play for the past few matches, your form, your rep...they will ADJUST their tactics accordingly...yes, ADJUST....NOT PROGRAMMED FOR SURE TO BEAT YOU... therefore meaning a more defensive approach against your team if you are in a winning streak, or more offensive approach against you if your team is low in form etc....this is equally truth in real life...remembered how Arsenal drew against Birmingham recently, even though they are in fine form??? When said about the AI does not learn your tactic, it merely means it is not programmed in such that whenever you are in a winning streak, the AI will "SURELY" make you lose a match or so, regardless if the AI team is in relegation fight or the top 4 teams. There are many factors affecting your win. Your choice of tactic and approach will also affect the result. Many often go into the next match using the same tactic or approach (e.g. high def line, slow passing...etc) which have served them well over the past 10 matches but failed to realize that your same approach might have just fall into the hand of your next opponent's way of playing...i.e your next opponent might be relegation fighter but their overall match fitness might be far superior than yours and for them playing a full match pressing game could have cost your team regularly losing possession...thus costing the match. just an example to quote. Also for closing...remember how Fulham beat the mighty (or rather maybe not so recently but still a big reputation in Europe) Juventus recently. They are supposed to be on a high after the "miracle" comeback but yet, they have go on for some losing games.
  9. the answer to your question really depends...that;s no one solution or tactic to it. when you play narrow formation against some better teams, they might switch to playing wide formation and attack you with lots of crosses, or pull your players out of position. too wide, you guard your flanks better but might be exposed at the center. on some times, you might want to adopt a formation not only to defend, but to attack as well. against better teams who plays 41212, you might want to consider exploiting their weakness, playing 424 or 442 with wingers to attack their flanks. so it really depends.
  10. The game is stressing me out- RANTTTTT

    oh great...My team "legendary" & "Untouchable" player Mr. De Rossi got the cheek to complain and expressed his concerns of the lack of discipline in my team...but when i warned or fined him for repeated sent off (yes...he actually got the most yellow/red cards in my team), he cried unfair treatment... = (
  11. Your most unlucky elimination

    actually, from the 2nd leg stats...my feeling is you should not feel shock at all. Please see explanation below: 1) Shot - you may have 22 shots, but only 7 on targets...Lev though only managed 6 shots, but they have 5 shots on target. poor finishing day for your strikers. 2) possession - Lev have 51% as compared to yours 49% 3) passes - again higher percentage for Lev than yours. 4) tackle - Lev won more 5) crosses / headers won - again another wasteful area for your team...you have higher crosses completed percentage and higher headers won, yet your strikers can;t really convert them into goals...
  12. very funny...i'm having actually the same problem with de Rossi...a very good and legendary MC (tat's what the game describe him) with Roma...but when he get himself frequently sent off...i fined him...and it was a boommmzzzz (Ris Low huh?)...he got upset and cried unfair treatment like a baby...massive dissent soon generated from the squad... but when i do nothing...team discipline problem soon crept onto my team report.
  13. he was probably the "Undertaker" in disguise....
  14. i didn't know i can manage a girls team on FM10
  15. I encounter few times when the match would freeze suddenly at 3d view (sound still on), and i have to use ctrl+alt+delete to bring up the task manager and restart my laptop...this had happened to 10.2 patch too...can SI help me on this? Thanks...