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  1. According to the FM Brotherhood https://fmbrotherhood.com/the-best-fm18-tactics-tested-football-manager-tactics/, they list one of your tactics as being really good, the “Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic” (3-2-2-1-2). When I download it seems to be a tactic from FM17, this to be exact - FM17.3.1GOODBYEKnap3412ARSENALP100TMP100. Does that still work because I couldn't find it anywhere in the forum for FM18 My Boro save is struggling in the Premiership, hard to get good players and every game is a struggle to watch I'm afraid.
  2. Injuries due to the high intensity of the tactic is - well to say the least, a pain in the arse. I have training on low so the workload is light, individual training in the roles/positions that I want the players in. I am playing FMT so can't really improve the medical staff that much (existing guy has 17 in Physio). Sitting 2nd after 20 games, solid but not running away with league at all - very realistic actually in that aspect.
  3. SUS meaning changing to contain and switching the WBs from attack to defence or would you drop them back into a 5 defence line ? Thankyou by the way for the advice .
  4. the tactic has hard tackling for the whole team, but i reduce the tackling level (for the player) direct after the yellow card in match. What is a SUS tactic? - I mean what is a good SUS tactic for this formation ?
  5. I am finding that the team gets a lot of yellows and a few red cards though.
  6. Early doors yet but working really well with Middlesbrough
  7. Well the game hasn't crashed but the team badges have gone
  8. Yes - I have logos and face pics for the Premier teams, the file was downloaded ages ago - called DF 11 DxDiag.txt
  9. Game crashed for the third time during game, last 2 times on the same date. Crash dump files attached. FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.08.08 23.50.11).dmp FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.08.09 15.43.27).dmp After I click on OK message about the crash, steam reloads and says it's updating 1%, then I get this message directly afterwards
  10. In the team instructions, the original has 'exploit the middle' - sounds like you need to remove that if the opposition has a Defensive midfielder
  11. When one looks at the screenshot so there is no DMC to which you refer to - does the formation have a DM or not ?
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