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  1. https://www.sendspace.com/file/9q44g0 The season hasn't finished fully yet but there's only a couple of matches yet
  2. So, I'm at the end of the 2019/20 season and this has just happened... http://i.imgur.com/Gs0N39B.png I've seen Premier League teams collapse heavily on a couple of other saves but never one this fast. They started by getting relegated from the Premier League in the first season. They then spend 3 seasons in the Championship before being relegated to League 1. They then managed to get relegated again. After that they went into administration, lost ten points and have just been relegated to the Conference. Had anyone else had a Premier League/Championship team collapse this quickly in their game?
  3. I have a game (with Weymouth) and Newcastle have started negotiations with a Tycoon owner to buy the club. I saved the game to see what happened and the Takeover failed in 2 days. I try to reset and see what happens but the takeover keeps failing. Is it predetermined if it will fail or not or is their a chance it will go through? Does it have something to do with Newcastle not having a manager?
  4. Freaking Wolves!

    I've had a couple of games and Wolves have done really well on both of them. One game they finished 4th 1st season and Terry Connor won manager of the year, on the other they won the FA and League Cup in their first season and Connor won manager of the year.
  5. Well done! I remember one of the fan messages after a game in an old CM/FM was "A fan claimed he would name his newborn son after the manager, but only after checking with his wife first.":D
  6. I agree with the posts about manager history. I would like to see an option to put in a player history, such as teams played for, goals/caps etc. This could increase the chance of getting a job at a club you "used to play for".
  7. The first season has mirrored our actual one quite well, hopefully the second one will be the same!
  8. From Young Men to World Beaters

    Just checked the Ryman Premier Division, not looking good for your old club I'm afraid dafuge. One loss away from being relegated:(
  9. Having the same problem. I'm not using any editor databases and I am selecting the English leagues.
  10. On the editor I know by going to the National Rules you can deduct points from a team. Is their any way to deduct points from teams from different countries? I am trying to deduct points from both Portsmouth and Rangers but I cannot find a way to edit the national rules of two countries.
  11. help me

    Are you subscribed to the awards? You can check on "Manage Subscriptions"
  12. Mario Balotelli, 35 Million, that is all.
  13. Managerial merry go round.

    I've had a few and i'm in 2014/15... AVB was sacked at Chelsea and Fiorentina before joining Newcastle. Arsene Wenger was sacked and joined Real (Jose moved to Chelsea), in his place was Van Gaal, he got sacked after losing his first 8 games. Matthew Upson became the Bolton manager. For England, Capello won the world cup in 2014 and retired to be replaced by a random 55 year old who just appeared in the game.
  14. Saving The Club I Love

    Shame about the end of the season. Good luck with your team in real life. As a Newcastle fan I'm always checking on Darlington's results.
  15. Takeovers

    Had a Greek tycoon take over Fulham in my 2nd season at Newcastle, they spend over £130m in two seasons and then they got relegated!