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  1. hey everyone , just asking about your leeds saves im in 2018 on mine and ive expanded the stadium once before not much tho and now there sayin the council will never allow another one , any way to get round this? thanks
  2. Transfer fee's

    yea just like my save , pato 60m to man city - and danny wilson for 55m to real madrid lol im in 2018 and u cant get a decent player for stupid prices
  3. Age is a terrible thing

    very nice not on my pc with football manager stuff on to show you my guy picked him up for 85k to lol
  4. man city or arsenal in my save
  5. Biggest Offer You've Rejected

    on my current save a regen turned down 35 million and then roma bidded 37 i think and my chairman at leeds came over me and accepted it hes now best striker on the game easy
  6. danny wilson has just gone to real madrid on my save for 42 million and pato to man city for 60m
  7. Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    URL=http://img89.imageshack.us/i/wonderkid.jpg/][/url] need help with this regen his stats are sick , but doesnt score even goals at all
  8. Need help with a wonderkid!

    if your not going to help , why dont u just **** off
  9. URL=http://img89.imageshack.us/i/wonderkid.jpg/][/url] bought this player a season ago now i know this will sound silly, but hes crap lol his stats are he is a beast but cant score alot of goals. do i need to retrain him to a new postion?
  10. Gutting CL Final :(

    why would he edit the pic? and ye u lost on pen's hard luck
  11. The perfect staff team on FM10

    Cheers mate , looks good just what i needed
  12. u21 national teams

    well yes u can on my save im just about to start my 4th season with leeds , both the england job came up and the U21s i didt get the england job but stuart pearce gave me the u21 just about to play my first game
  13. very nice , the best i have seen but only played fm09 and 10 so maybe people have had better but he looks well good
  14. that happen to me but man city one by 2 gd
  15. ye i was justy goin to say leeds they dont start off with a great deal of money only a million but , great fan base in my 3rd season now and got them into the prem