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  1. Games unplayable, tried it with inter now and the game is taking it upon itself to reject transfer offers out of hand for players I transfer listed
  2. Updates not great, got transfer listed players with no interest in them no matter how low the fee and players not leaving once the fee and personal terms are agreed, just says everyday the deal can now be completed. Very buggy update
  3. Noticed a bug, when promoted the board confidence resets you to a new manager
  4. Thanks James, it was a virus cleaner stopping it from loading
  5. I had it available then it seemed to disappear as in was showing as not unlocked but when I started a new game as Newcastle I had 107 million available to spend, that can't be right
  6. I get the same thing, uninstalled due to thinking the sugar daddy mod was running when it shouldn't be and now this
  7. Can't seem to sign a free transfer now, my rep is good but I can't get Barton or kirchoff to go to Leeds let alone nasri or song and there seems to be a problem with player exchange plus cash to.
  8. How can I get round a work permit rejection? 9 caps for Brazil isn't enough to qualify sadly
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but the players club history never seems to go back before 2000
  10. I never win manager of the month or year no matter what I win. Got QPR up in first without losing and won fa cup and not as much as runner up in manager of year. Play of winner got it which is a glitch that has happened in previous versions iirc
  11. The database seems small to me, dortmund for instance are very light on players when you don't select the German league
  12. I'm getting this to, always at the end of matches, last 2 or 3 mins, annoying
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