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  1. Any sign of it?
  2. Fmh

    Rather than more leagues I'd prefer to add all one particular nations players where ever they ply their trade
  3. Hello, is this thing working?! Seriously is there any chance of an estimate on when it'll be released, was going to start a new game but won't bother if it's soonish
  4. Ah well, he'll sign anyway I'm sure! Any idea on how much longer it'll be till it's available?
  5. Hope you've included Winston Reid's new deal & hope it isn't to much longer to wait!
  6. Any idea when the transfer window update comes out?
  7. So possibly not this season then Haven't played mine for about six Weeks waiting for the update
  8. A general gist of when will do...
  9. It works now Marc, I emailed sega with the code it said on the message, I should've screenied it for you, do you want the code that was with it?
  10. Got a message saying I can't play the game as I got it from an illegal source, poor.
  11. Thanks Marc, unfortunately I've deleted/saved over them now, when/if it happens again I'll let you know.
  12. I think the board might be a bit thick, I mean they let you offer up to 65k, bring in 20 million in sales and won't let you transfer some of the cash to.wages so you can pay someone on a free 85k, it doesn't make sense plus we were in Europe, champions league in the hammers case and there was still no budging them, not even by a penny. Exactly what I was telling about Joe, increasing the budget.
  13. How do you get the wage structure changed, I put all my cash into the wages and I still.can't offer more than 65k, a week, so I qualified for Europe got rid of loads of dead wood and am about 300k per week under the wage ceiling and it still hasn't gone up, asked the board to.increase it and they said no. I've done this with West ham and villa with the same results.
  14. Just had a quick look at the update, qpr have lost a few players of the roster most notably Anton Ferdinand...
  15. What's the point of winning it if it isn't recorded for posterity with your league and cup wins, also is there a way the transfers can be carried over also rather than being lost at the end of each season