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  1. How can I get round a work permit rejection? 9 caps for Brazil isn't enough to qualify sadly
  2. Frustrated BY These Bugs

    Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but the players club history never seems to go back before 2000
  3. Player of Month Bug

    I never win manager of the month or year no matter what I win. Got QPR up in first without losing and won fa cup and not as much as runner up in manager of year. Play of winner got it which is a glitch that has happened in previous versions iirc
  4. Bologna player Ádám Nagy missing

    The database seems small to me, dortmund for instance are very light on players when you don't select the German league
  5. Half Time Game Freeze

    I'm getting this to, always at the end of matches, last 2 or 3 mins, annoying
  6. I had rob elliott missing, had to load large data base to get him
  7. No Manager and club history fmh17

    Seen another problem, it's happened a couple of times now. When a match finishes the game locks up and I have to force close it.
  8. No Manager and club history fmh17

    I've noticed this to, 10 games in and no match history in managers history. Players signed after transfer window closes get cancelled with no notification at start of next window and goals for and against are counted in stats after a penalty shootout
  9. Fmh

    Rather than more leagues I'd prefer to add all one particular nations players where ever they ply their trade
  10. Hello, is this thing working?! Seriously is there any chance of an estimate on when it'll be released, was going to start a new game but won't bother if it's soonish
  11. Ah well, he'll sign anyway I'm sure! Any idea on how much longer it'll be till it's available?
  12. Hope you've included Winston Reid's new deal & hope it isn't to much longer to wait!
  13. Any idea when the transfer window update comes out?
  14. Player Update

    So possibly not this season then Haven't played mine for about six Weeks waiting for the update