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  1. Tried a test by moving Welsh Prem clubs straight into English Prem on normal database. Just a straight swap. Kept their ‘continental nation’ as Wales. Holidayed a couple of season and the welsh clubs whove moved across do still play in europe however the game seems to select at random how those places are dished out. So seems it may not be possible.
  2. Interesting. I cant help but be intrigued with the complicated answer i was having a look on the editor last night and you can change each clubs continental nation, so for example if every Scottish club played in England but they all had the continental nation set as Scotland would by default it take the highest placed club as there was no clubs remaining in Scotland. I am going to experiment and see what happens. If you do care to divulge what you did get working that would be great.
  3. Ive searched through the forum and there is a lot of British league systems however Looking at creating my own. However just wanted to know if its possible for the individual nations to retain their own european places? Eg if you make the league based in England can you have it so the highest placed Scottish/Welsh/N. Ireland sides still qualify for europe or would that not work?
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