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  1. You have to a lot slower than that, what is paint, and photobucket?
  2. If some1 told me how to upload screenies then i will coz im thick with things like that.
  3. I have actually tested this tactic with crystal palace and finished 5th and went up via the play offs, so i would say it works kid.
  4. Like a said Vagner Love has scored 33 in 34 plaing in the centre forward position
  5. Hey peeps, just thought i would let yous know that Vagner Love plays like a monster in the middle forward position.
  6. I think thats just football mate, every team has dodgy spells.
  7. You dont listen to them do you? Typical crack - 1 of them makes a mistake - the other 1 laughs(if thats what you call it) Thats it. End of show
  8. I think because when they go wide and cross the ball in for the other wide striker, thats what has been happening in my game anyway.
  9. I have to say mr hough, its the first time ive tried your tactics and its crazy, scoring for fun but conceding any amount.
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