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  1. That would be incredible, please do. I would love to have a look at that as I've been trying to emulate the way he ran his squad in posts like this.
  2. Barcelona were doing a similar thing with Busquets at DMC about a year ago, maybe more if I remember correctly. I remember reading a Zonal Marking article about it anyway. And I know SFraser back then was constantly trying to get his Left Back to push forward and the 2 CB's and RB to make a 3 man defence when he attacked, could never get it to work properly and neither could I with Everton trying to get Leighton Baines to push forward and have Distin, Jagielka and Neville form a back 3. Like you, I thought it was really fun watching and attending games, analysing tactics and trying to replicate in FM. Being able to change shape depending on whether you're attacking or defending (within reason) is something I think is missing from FM, but it must be terribly complicated to implement on SI's side, or I'm sure they would have introduced something. Even if it were just Maximum Mentality puts him in the next band when attacking and Minimum Mentality puts him in the one before when defending.
  3. Maybe you're being Counter Attacked and thus the best thing for your CB's to do it to try and waste time, force them wide and wait for your other players to get back to make the tackle, instead of getting skinned or out-paced and letting them through on goal. It may not be a bad thing. Although I may be wrong, any chance of a screenshot of them? I think it may be the PPM with your Fullbacks, yes.
  4. In absolute nutshell terms, Baseline is the amount of Attributes affected by said category and Focus is how much emphasis you want to put on said category. Strength has 3 attributes and say I wanted to put 4x emohasis on 3 x 4 = 12. It's all explained in this thread.
  5. The "stars" are based on your team's Repuatation relative to the CA/PA estimeated by your Assistant's JPA/JPP attributes. If you have an Assistant with high in these, the more accurate the estimate and therefore the more accurate Star Rating. In the Editor, player's have an Attribute out of 20 for each foot. This attribute takes up CA, therefore the higher the attribute is for these, the lower the other attributes will be. Two players set to have identical attributes but one has 20/20 and one has 15/1 for their foot, for example; the player with 15/1 will have higher attributes elsewhere because he has more CA to distribute whereas the other player doesn't have as much CA to distribute so won't have as high attributes elsewhere. They "blend" with each other but that just affects Morale really. They don't "learn" a Role, only what they "learn" in the Match Preparation. Depending on the player's Personnality, they may think of the Competition for Places as a bad thing or a good thing. If they're Determined they'll strive to doing better than them and get in the team but if he has a "weak" Personality, he may think it's too hard a challenge, and simply give up. This affects their Motivation though.
  6. But does Technique effect the accuracy of the pass? I think not, I think Passing, Free-Kick Taking etc. do and Technique varies the curve and, well, Technique in which he strikes the ball. I.e. a player with high Free-Kick Taking and low Technique will be able to shoot right in the top corner from a free-kick but he won't be able to curve it around the wall or make it dip; he can get them accurate but won't be able to d odifficult things with the ball.
  7. Here's a Stupid Question. I've been wondering about Technique lately and was talking about it to a mate via PM who didn't really understand what it did. I told him that it is Technique + Passing for the accuracy of the pass for example but I thought this to be a rather inaccurate description. Why have two attributes contributing to the same thing. They might as well just get rid of Technique. However, my idea is that, for example, Passing defines the accuracy of the pass and Technique defines how much curve he can put on it. Therefore Passing 20 and Technique 1 would make him be able to play easy and difficult passes but they'd be easier to intercept because he can't get the curve on it. Do you think this idea would be better? Is it correct or is the first one?
  8. So the 26 year old and the 20 year old both went down? Injuries or anything? With minimal defensive training this is to be expected though, the 20 year old was probably because of his age and it may have went into other areas like physicals where it's be easier. Did they get any gains in other areas?
  9. Basically, it is when they get very old, I'd say 21 is the age physicals get harder to train but mentals are not ready to rise yet, without testing thoroughly, I'd take an educated guess at 29 when they start going faster, technicals go steadily and don't have particular trends but mentals and physicals do. I'm unsure as to why some went down, maybe they weren't getting enough game time? If not then they'll lose some CA which means a few attributes will go down and if there's no training there, defensive is a likely choice to go down moreso if the player is young when he won't be getting mental boosts without intensive training there.
  10. As he is only 19, concentration won't rise much because of his age, mentals are very, very difficult to train unless you have lots of training there but with defensive training he has 2 technicals and a mental, the technicals will rise way much more than you probably want them to. If you need concentration, put it on intensive but he will rise alot more in tackling and marking than he will concentration, I'd wait until he's older before doing this when mentals start going up faster.
  11. Supposed to go in your Football Manager 2010 folder and then in the Schedules folder.
  12. Are they in your schedules folder? If so when on your training screen, press manage schedules and they should appear when you press import schedules.
  13. Becuase of his age, his physicals will improve nonetheless, however, with enough tactics training, I've found this to be the case and they do improve. If like shooting with 1 mental and 2 technical attributes in the category, the technicals improve before the mentals but they do eventually improve, just a little bit less than technicals.
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