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  1. That would be incredible, please do. I would love to have a look at that as I've been trying to emulate the way he ran his squad in posts like this.
  2. I still play FM10. I got a new laptop and have 10, 11 and 12 but have only bothered to install 10. It's much better for me.
  3. Thank you FMtillidie! Yeah Jad did a great job on that article, expect a lot more! I'll make sure he chooses a better skin, he handles that kind of thing.
  4. I think that is a great idea what you've said above. Don't know how much I could contribute, considering I only tend to manage Everton with a few games in the BSS/BSN!
  5. Hello there! We are a brand new blog focused on tactics. Jad and me both love discussing tactics and will regularly post about lots of topics such as this one which is a great article by Jad about the tactical development of football and has some great examples. There will also be lots of Football Manager related posts about training, tutoring and day-to-day management. Push Them Wide!
  6. I seem to remember him saying he didn't because it placed certain "weights" over players that made them pass to the TM or PM which he didn't like.
  7. Barcelona were doing a similar thing with Busquets at DMC about a year ago, maybe more if I remember correctly. I remember reading a Zonal Marking article about it anyway. And I know SFraser back then was constantly trying to get his Left Back to push forward and the 2 CB's and RB to make a 3 man defence when he attacked, could never get it to work properly and neither could I with Everton trying to get Leighton Baines to push forward and have Distin, Jagielka and Neville form a back 3. Like you, I thought it was really fun watching and attending games, analysing tactics and trying to replicate in FM. Being able to change shape depending on whether you're attacking or defending (within reason) is something I think is missing from FM, but it must be terribly complicated to implement on SI's side, or I'm sure they would have introduced something. Even if it were just Maximum Mentality puts him in the next band when attacking and Minimum Mentality puts him in the one before when defending.
  8. I don't know how great they'd be at Tactics, 50% of Tactics in the game is having knowledge of FM, what works and what doesn't. I'd be intrigued how they deal with a club day-to-day, how they sort out their Squads, what Attributes they value in their Players and Pre-Season.
  9. I watch matches in Full 2D and just make decisions as I would if I were managing a real football match. I think having an interest and knowledge about football in real life is far more valuable than being able to "crack" statistics or sliders. My advice would be to actually watch your games and pay attention, you'll enjoy it.
  10. Nice one, I've been looking for a post like that for a while. I knew most of them just by looking at different Coaches' Personal page in the game, but it's nice to use as a reference point.
  11. Maybe you're being Counter Attacked and thus the best thing for your CB's to do it to try and waste time, force them wide and wait for your other players to get back to make the tackle, instead of getting skinned or out-paced and letting them through on goal. It may not be a bad thing. Although I may be wrong, any chance of a screenshot of them? I think it may be the PPM with your Fullbacks, yes.
  12. Absolutely terrible news. He was so passionate about the game and Football in general. I feel awful, such a young age to die.
  13. Good luck with these Jad. Hopefully a few people thoroughly test them and you can make them even better!
  14. The "stars" control how quickly players increase in that particular category as far as I am aware. 0.5 stars isn't much of a loss for someone who will benefit behind the scenes so I'd choose the 3.5 star one personally.
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