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  1. Uploaded save - titled 'interact with board - nothing happens' As it says, if you ask the board they'll say yes then you'll only be able to cancel or delay.
  2. Same with Manchester United signing Emre Can. Not enough funds, asked to delay or ask board. Asked board, they agreed then only options were yes or no. Chose yes then a week later chose no. Transfer cancelled and money gone.
  3. I didn't mean it like that, not saying there aren't a variety of ways to play the game, but creating that wonder team would be no challenge at all. Fair enough if you just want to play with a wonder team, but I mean you go into the game knowing who is good and who isn't and able to sign them all young. What's the difference between that and just using an editor to increase all your players stats? The names? And with the Liverpool thing, what I meant was if you play a game of FM set before the dynasty you've talked about has happened, then you haven't rivalled it, because it never happened. Even if you just simmed it and didn't take control of a team, it might not happen in the game. Once you start playing the game everything after that is a hypothetical simulation of events in a history that you're presence has altered. Play 10 seasons of FM14 and win the league a few times, for all you know you're rivalling the great Arsenal/Chelsea/City/Liverpool/United dynasty of 2014-2024.
  4. Doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of the game though? Like, you wouldn't be rivalling Liverpool's dynasty, you'd be replacing or hindering it. Players coming through the youth ranks, you'd throw loads of money at a young Cantona (player who becomes great yet their club would be willing to sell cheap) or whoever, with a major advantage over the AI. Best way I could see it working would be with real world pre programmed transfers. Then you are seeing if you could have done better than a real manager did.
  5. What about the international loans thing. Only person I've seen acknowledge it is Ben Kenney. Is that being worked on?
  6. It was the former, as I can't sign a dutch player from a dutch team to Gateshead due to too many domestic loans... Great work
  7. The duplicate players thing, was that a visible bug or was that the reason I couldn't get the right amount of players in on loan? If the former, that's 2 updates without fixing what seems like a simple bug that's having a major effect on my game, if the latter, then Gateshead are on the march again!
  8. Feels a long way away if one of the bugs is making your main save unplayable and has been since before the hotfix. Bit gutting really.
  9. Any news on non ME updates? Are they gonna wait until the data update too?
  10. Maybe, but I imagine that's the reason that if I ask 'Will it be out today or tomorrow or next week', the only answers I can reasonably expect to get are 'no' or 'maybe'. That I'm fine with. I find it hard to believe that if I was in their office and asked will it be out tonight, that they wouldn't be able to answer no or maybe. Posts on the board indicate that a desire not to raise false hope is why the maybes are kept secret, but the answer would be useful.
  11. Playing a 'start unemployed work my way up game' and hit the no new contract bug, as well as the can't sign 8 loan players bug and don't want them to combine to make me lose my job and encounter the not getting offered any jobs bug so I'm not playing the game till they're fixed.
  12. Had this same debate last year and it feels like the same again this year. Firstly, I am fully aware that patches can't be given a guaranteed release until they're ready and I'm not expecting anything like that, but from conversations last year, I understand that they go through a fairly simple (simple defining the process, not calling the work involved simple at all) process. Development then testing. If successful, release, if not, start again. My issue is that SI may be sat there, knowing that they're in the development stage, while people like me are sat here checking for an update that they could tell me is not coming today/tomorrow. For all I know, everyone at SI has this week off. Then again, it could be being released right now making me look like a fool. Now if you tell people, we're testing, I can check for the update, then you tell me it's failed, I check less often and do something else. You tell me it's in development, I check less often. You tell me nothing, what do I do? I get that you get complaints if you tell people it might come and then it doesn't, but to be fair, wouldn't it be better to annoy people with the truth rather than annoying them with a lack of information?
  13. Those stats you posted are quite similar to when chelsea beat barcelona to be fair. If anything, barca were more dominant than you were. Also, it's a bit hypocritical to post 1 example, and then say that it's unrealistic because there's only a few examples that disprove it.
  14. Same problem, but most modern managers do have a contract to rely on, and don't have to live without one because the board don't understand what's going on.
  15. The loan system was changed after Watford, but it was done by applying the same rules to both domestic and international loans. Before you could name 5 of one and an unlimited amount of the other, now they're both 5. And you're only allowed 8 on loan in total. It's a bug in the game. Same with contract, it's been reported, acknowledged and is being worked on. The contract issue and being unable to get a job if I lose it, I haven't played on because of them. Been 3 or 4 days now and no news on it and tbh, I think it's justifiable as to why I haven't carried on. A word or an update from someone at SI would be nice. You've seen Miles' twitter, sending people here if they have problems. My game is broken and nobody is saying anything.
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