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  1. Hi Is there any way to actually edit player names once you have created a game ? (Similar to the way you can edit/add faces etc by creating a config file) I have used FMRTE to change the names of various players by using existing forenames and surnames from the save game database, and although these new names show in "Personal" (about the player) and on the squad screen itself, in the general player screen (obtained by just clicking on the player) it still shows the original name (which only changes if you use the set nickname facility, however I know from previous experience that upon retirement etc, the nick is automatically removed).
  2. Hi Installed FM2010 on drive D: as opposed to C: Created a player face as a png image (size not important as I understand the game will resize it anyway). created the following config xml file in notepad <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <!-- dont preload anything in this folder --> <boolean id="preload" value="false"/> <!-- turn off auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <!-- logo mappings --> <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics files from the correct places --> <list id="maps"> <record from="tania" to="graphics/pictures/person/140472/portrait"/> </list> </record> Created a folder in D:/FM2010/data/sigfx/graphics/picture/person and copied the config file and the relavant pic into that folder. (also tried just creating a folder "Graphics" in D:/FM2010/Graphics/PLAYERS and changing the xml wording to that location too, but produces same result below) Went to preferences, display and sound, unticked use skin cache, and instead ticked always reload skin on confirm. Saved new details But when I go to the relavant player's screen, the face is the usual completely black image instead of the image I wanted it to be. Any ideas ?
  3. Why is there such a huge discrepancy between the ratings for scoring, or missing a pen ? Your team can be winning handsomely, a guy has already scored 2 goals and an assist and has an 8.2 rating. He takes a pen and misses, his rating goes down to a 7.2 Realistically he should be man of the match for his performance, but yet he ends up with almost the worst rating in the entire team just because he missed a pen that didn't really matter anyway. Conversely your guy has a good game, he scores the only goal of the game, a pen, yet for keeping his nerve when it mattered and securing the points, his rating goes up by about 0.2 and inevitably the mom in all such scenarios ends up being a defender from either your team or the opposition's. Surely the ME needs a tweak ratings wise for pens to take into account the situation at the time when they were scored/missed. Always going down by 1, and up by .2 just doesn't seem to balance. Same with assists, he has created a goal, yet his rating only goes up by about 0.2 once you look at the ratings just after play has resumed and the new ratings for all the players on the pitch have been recalculated.
  4. Lower League Advice

    You don't need to buy him, just loan him. he only has 12 months left on his contract, and after his contract expires he will prob sign for you for free
  5. I am sick of it

    I have often tried "search" using both "posts" and "threads", however it brings up pages and pages of threads and posts that have absolutely nothing to do with what I typed in the search.
  6. I used to have 4-5 but conceded, so stuck more in the wall, but still conceded. Though it does seem that the more I put in the wall, the more I conceded. So now have less.
  7. Lower League Advice

    I also find that that (searching for players) is the longest part of a season.
  8. If it is the one where Owen did his run and scored, then no, I didn't. If I remember correctly, I was doing an 18 mile cycle on a v long road without holding onto my handlebars
  9. Upson nowhere near match fit, as for Terry, words fail me. At such a level, you need v quick defenders, not just someone who can head the ball. No pace = lots of space
  10. Didn't watch that game, as usually, England generally bore. Lack of ideas, lack of heart.
  11. Lower League Advice

    Must admit, " that " is a great way you play the game Is more like IRL And dispels any need to include a " hard mode " (A person just needs to be "hard" on themself)
  12. Lower League Advice

    Pleased to have helped Could give a lot more players, but they probably won't be in your DB Dale Stephens is though, he can be got on a loan from Oldham, and since he is on a 12 mth contract, you should be able to sign him permanently later on.
  13. LOL watched footie for more than 30 years and never really seen a guy pass from a direct free kick if it is within shooting distance, but no, I never knew that, as the saying goes "you learn something new every day".
  14. Lower League Advice

    He never refused me. Do you 'remove from shortlist' once you have bidded for any players, as it stops a lot bidding. Also maybe team rep has something to do with it too, I use FC United of Manchester in the Northern Premier Premier, maybe they have a higher rep than your team. Also try Ruari Maclennan, another Scottish free with v nice attributes.
  15. Lower League Advice

    That's the beauty of FM though I have seen people post that Ronaldinho will go to places like Leicester.