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  1. Does anyone have a link to an up to date kit and logo pack as well? Thanks
  2. Kind of a mixed bag I guess. I've noticed the Italians having a lot of trouble (as noted by a lot of people). Current Richest Clubs: http://i.imgur.com/PvN9V4T.png Swansea were bought out by a Tycoon midway through the 2020's.
  3. Just some screenshots of the game almost two decades into the future. http://imgur.com/a/aaI1w Feel free to ask about other teams, I have many more leagues than the ones above running as well!
  4. Nah. I've been offered the Derby County job with Nottingham Forest listed as my favourite club.
  5. In the (very) near future, I will be fortunate enough to interview Iain Macintosh, one of the authors of "Football Manager Stole My Life". I was wondering if there was any questions the forums would like me to ask him? Cheers.
  6. I'd like dynamic prize money. It would go well with dynamic league reputation, rather than one team leaving the rest behind financially.
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