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  1. It was saved into editor data, I have 3 files plus the advanced one in that folder, but only the three show up, not the advanced one. It must be something with the rules that is wrong.
  2. I have the panel activated fine, I meant I did what the wiki said, followed it exactly, but my editor file didn't show up at the start of the game.
  3. This didn't work, my editor file didn't even show up when I started the game.
  4. I just want to make a simple 10-team league for now, everything I try gives an error.
  5. What options do I actually use when creating a league in the Advanced Panel and which ones should I avoid?
  6. That would be helpful, then I can see which options need to be set.
  7. Ever time I try to use the advanced panel, the game either crash dumps or doesn't load the clubs or leagues in that country.
  8. Can you go through what you have done, because I can't get it to work after so many attempts?
  9. I've had another go, no crash dumps so far. But, the nation won't show up on the select leagues screen. How can I possibly test it?!
  10. I did save after every edit, but the game crashed after I added leagues to the advanced rules, so I can either have no clubs or no nation at all.
  11. OK, it seems to be going wrong when I add LEAGUES! If it's just nation, it loads fine but with no clubs. When I add leagues to the file, crash dump.
  12. I have managed to crash dump using regular nation rules, so I'll have to start from scratch. I will run a test after every edit to see where (if at all) it goes wrong.
  13. What about allowing promotion and relegation between specific divisions and not just between levels.
  14. I am trying to create a two division league system with an FA Cup and a Super Cup. The top 5 teams in the top division go into playoffs, but I keep getting crash dumps when I try to load it.
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