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  1. How To Increase Work Rate

    Fining players for poor performances is the easiest and fastest way to increase a players work rate. Only reason I'm every happy if a player gets a bellow 6.5 rating in a match is that I can yell at him and his determination or/and work rate will improve... I'm usually more disappointed in 6.5-6.7 ratings then the really low ones
  2. TBH, i think that playing in La Liga is just too easy as it is right now. I believe its much more difficult in real life than it is in FM. I don't know why, but thats my experience. I'm an Atl. Madrid fan and every time I play them, I tend to win games ~3-0. The only fun games are against Real Madrid and Barcelona. For some reason, Valencia always falls bellow 10th, Sevilla rarely goes above 6th and Villarreal are usually disappointing and the manager tends to destroy the team as the years go on. I ended up being bored of the save and started a new one. ( Unimportant Note : i probably only bought 4-5 first team players over 4 seasons )
  3. The UK votes No to AV

    Complaints tend to make future versions better
  4. It seems you have to wait until the competition has officially begun. I think the Spanish league starts later than the English league. So if you wait for a month, you'll be able to do it then.
  5. Since attacking philosophy modifies the individuals mentality and roles based on your formation, It's largely down to how you set up your squad. I personally have succeeded using an Attacking philosophy when playing a 4132 formation as Chelsea. It suited the players very well and the attacking philosophy gave more license to the midfield to attack. I have also noticed that playing 4231's or 433's with an attacking mentality rarely succeeds since the players are already organised in a fashion that is oriented more towards attacking than defending, so to give them an attacking philosophy (ie more attacking mentality) tends to push them too far up and cause more issues. Also, the tactic creator and the whole philosophy tends to be VERY general and false when setting up Widths and tempo's. Teams like Barcelona and Man Utd who play attacking football DONT play a quick tempo. They much prefer a slow tempo concentrate more on retention of possession, whereas the attacking philosophy in FM terms pumps up tempo, even when you have short passing selected, its too fast. Tempo is a big part of dictating how your overall team plays and is largely overlooked, but it's a REAL game changer if you use it accordingly.
  6. Come to think about it. I've never seen headers go straight up in the game. They seem to always go straight towards a player, as if 2 people jumping guarantee's 1 person to win it with ~90% accuracy. Certainly needs an improvement.
  7. Midfield Dilemma

    Change Ganso into a deep lying playmaker. Get him to improve his marking/tackling, he definately has a lot of PA so he afford to shed some CA on defensive attributes. Give him license to do long range passes and switch flanks and he'll dominate play.
  8. buying romelu lukaku

    15 million is actually quite a lot for a 18 year old who imo isn't all that great. Was never a fan of him. 15 million is the sum teams generally pay for a proven player in his respectable league that is more than above average quality.
  9. PA CA Again, 1 more solution

    In my personal opinion, I think PA should have a minimum of 160, maximum of 200. Clearly to be in the 190 range would be near impossible as every decade, you could probably only name 3-4 players who fit in this area. With this in consideration, a players personality should greatly affect his DEVELOPMENT in football. A professional, dedicated and determined player would excel and achieve his high base PA. This means that a player coming out of a low tier league could increase enough to be noticed, but personality only goes so far. (Note: the personality should also change based on in-game actions. A player should be able to deviate from his personality over time with a given low probability, without tutoring. This will allow a player to become more Determined, Professional and ambitious leading the more possibilities of late bloomers. ex/ a unambitious player gets introduced to Chelsea's squad, who is highly determined and ambitious. As he's young, if he spends enough time and is happy at the club, he could possibly become more ambitious naturally. This will allow the clubs mentality to have a probability to affect a players growth) Then you need to consider training facilities and league reputation. If he performs in Premier league, he is clearly developing faster than a player playing well in Ligue 2 in France. Training facilities shouldn't IMPROVE a players development more than a poor training facilities, per say, but the should inflict less NEGATIVE externalities on the players development. This way, a player can effectively turn into at LEAST a really good premier league player. 160 is a minimum benchmark since it gives players more than enough room to achieve their maximum ability, but it's based on the factors above that dictate if he does reach it. There should ALSO be a change in the way CA rises, making it much more difficult to get into range of the PA so that we don't have a world of all 160 + players. The pace in the current system is clearly pretty high. Most players move within 2-5 spots from their PA and then sit at that range for years. Note : This doesn't mean a player with poor attitude can't reach a high ability, since he can be innately skilled enough when generated. Personally, a NO PA system is theoretically the most effective but it would be extremely difficult to implement all the appropriate variables that would effectively restrict players to reach Messi's ability in masses. This is exactly the same thing as the fact that, theoretically, a Dictatorship is the best form of government, if the Dictator is all knowing and all good (Which is effectively impossible). You will never be able to create a system that considers every single variable, and for that reason, a no pa system would be impossible to implement that would lead to a balanced, realistic system.
  10. PA CA Again, 1 more solution

    This breaks apart completely when you want the game to consider Late Bloomers. Also, It breaks down completely when it comes to the degradation of players. I do like the system but the math isn't complete. You also took a player that became world class at the age of 20 as the norm which is a fault (example with fabregas). There are very, very few players in the world who amass such reputation and skill very quickly. (I can probably name a handfull out of a world of footballers which im just going to number infinite) Players don't start decreasing at the age of 27, especially when you consider the fact that footballers peak around 30 I do think its a suitable idea, but A LOT more math needs to be done. You would need to introduce variables based on Personality, how a Professional player would differentiate from a Realist etc... With this system, the Anelkas, Giggs, Drogbas would never exist. At least with the current Fixed PA system they can occur... (VERY rarely... at least better than never.)
  11. 'Respect Campaign'

    I've had a few successful appeals and referee complaints. Most of the time its when they show you a replay of an offside decision which was terribly wrong, and I just lay into him, with the FA saying nothing. I also always look at the overall rating given to the referee for the match. Recently a referee got a rating of 3/10 and was massively biased to the away team. He also gave out a total of 12 cards that game. Unfortunately, the media didn't ask me what I thought of his performance... but asked me if I would of preferred a more conservative approach.. (Well clearly I think the referee was wrong on all of his calls so no, I didn't think there was an issue with the tackling, the issue was with the ref -.-).
  12. My suggestion would be to make him into a poacher. Concentrate on him improving his speed the most since his other stats are essentially decent for a striker of any age. He lacks Technique, passing and composure to be anything else tbh. Make him into a "Owen" type of player, except this one can dribble
  13. I'm having the same case in my Olympic Marseille game (Surprisingly interesting) where I just can't beat Stade Rennais for the life of me. Despite them being 15th in the league. Apperently their Manager is under-pressure and can be fired, so I'm just fueling the fire hoping that he gets sacked and MAYBE then I can get a result out of it. This sort of reminds me of the fact that Arsenal have not beat Stoke at home in like, 40 years. Probably the toughest road game out there for every team. It's all down to complacency really. After winning the Champions League in the first year (Started game in Feburary and surprisingly they were already in the quarter finals with a good draw), and the first few games of the new season were BRUTAL. I struggled to get a win at every moment and it was impossible to make my players nervous by putting extreme amount of pressure even. Luckily I found my rhythm now but Gignac is still on a goaless streak... 963 minutes without a goal!!!! 1 goal in 11(11) appearances... with an average minutes per goal of 1076.... LMAO
  14. Interaction with board if you do not want to renew your contract so that you don't become "HATED" by the club simply because you wish to continue your career elsewhere. Especially if you brought recent success, and the ability to suggest your replacement to the board. (i.e. Mourinho-esque approach) but most importantly, Training a player in a certain position should NOT take up % from his overall training WHEN he has become NATURAL in that specific position. It seriously bothers me since removing the training in itself causes him to decline in his knowledge of the position, so its a lose-lose.
  15. Too easy with rich chairman

    This Or try managing a team so that your goal isn;t only winning, but maximizing profits. I decided to try out OM in the french league and i was able to acheive over 50M profits for the club. They payed out 26m pounds dividends to their shareholds (siome happy shareholders!!!) and i was still left with a profit of 32 million, by the time next season rolled around, I had 72m in the bank with the new tv revenues. Was pretty proud