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  1. Is this why all the Brazilian teams names are abbreviated or not clear now? So besides Brazil, the German National team, and I think the Japanese league, is there anything else unavailable currently?
  2. Fifth Round: Tunisia Qtrs: DR Congo Semis: Colombia Final: England Winner: Italy
  3. I can find it from your description, thanks a lot. Never knew you could look up all of them from a country at once before.
  4. is the other one something you can do in FM Touch by purchasing?
  5. Precisely this. For those of us who prefer the squad building aspect and wheeling and dealing, the tactics part has become such a hassle, whereas before it was possible to develop a system fairly quickly that, even if not perfect, was good enough to allow you to do well and know that while you may not be getting the biggest possible advantage out of your tactic, it wasn't actively hurting you either, so you can focus on the part you enjoyed instead. Now, without focusing on tactics for hours and hours, you can't find one that works. And even then, it requires tweaking. And half the time, i
  6. Been using this for about a full year now in my r. Sociedad save. Jan-Dec and while I'm third in la liga in goals I'm also 3rd from bottom in goals against. My defenders have pace and rulli is still my keeper. Does anyone have suggestions on limiting what we concede?
  7. Don't know about the first two but the third is incredibly frustrating. I wish they would fix it to let you try again immediately if they tried to find a club and it didn't work out.
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