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  1. Best streak without conceding?

    12 without conceeding, 42 without lossing.
  2. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by vontasben: Yup, it can be done. I've just won the Champions League with Newport County in 2019/2020 season. Oh and next year we move into a stadium named after me! The key is to plug away even when you spend 3-4 years struggling to stay up and keep trying to improve your squad. Usually (on previous versions) i hit the wall in the Championship but this time i stayed around 3 years in League One and then a similar time in the Championship as well. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> just got staines into the premiership(took 10 seasons), hit my wall in league 2, found it hard to stop he board selling my players tho the key to success is gettign a good parent club
  3. I was in league 2, I was a shoe in to win the league and get promoted, however i was in red and didnt fancy the huge payout (a million or so) that would accompany winning the league compared with the small prize money (100k) so I went with the low win bonus, this left about 5 players really demoralised which really effected the start to the season and thus everyone elses morale, i ended up finishing that season in the playoffs which i lost in the final. The next season i set it as high and went up as champions with a pretty much unchanged squad. So yeah i now never bother setting it to low to try and save money! haha
  4. Your Biggest Career Move

    Central Coast > Boca Juniors > Liverpool > United. In FM08 just got Staines from the BSS to the Premiership
  5. hey guys, i've just noticed that on the demo, if you go to the board request screen(board room), then Adjust your budget in the bottom left you can increase your transfer funds to 20 odd million and reduce the wage budget down a bit, well worth doing if you want that extra buck for the demo!