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  1. Hi, I'm in my fifth season on FMC and have suddenly run into a brick wall with my Stockport team. I got them promoted to League 2 first time, then had to change my formation from 4-1-2-2-1 to a more conventional 4-4-2 with a BWM and AP in central midfield and DLF and AF up front. This worked very well and I got promoted to League 1 which to my surprise, I won quite comfortably. We carried good momentum from our promotion season and just kept on winning, even though I didn't think my players would be good enough. It all changed when I hit the Championship though and now I can't buy a win. I'm not getting battered, but I'm playing okay and losing by the odd goal every game, even against teams who are struggling like me. I'm basically struggling to score while conceding one or two soft goals every game. I reinforced the team with half a dozen quality players in the off-season, but the problem is that I've now spent up to my budget so I won't be able to bring in the players I'd need to change formation. It's very frustrating, as it seems very unlikely that a team that wins League 1 by 10 points would be completely unable to compete in the division above. It may well be that we'd struggle after Christmas, but we should start out quite brightly. I play with a balanced style and counter strategy for home games, defensive away. I had left all my other options and sliders as default, although I've started experimenting now, to no benefit. What should I do? Change to a more direct game? Play off side? I'd rather not leave this team, but I don't want to get them relegated and promoted only for this to happen again.
  2. County Kenny

    FMC Tactics

    Halfway through my second season and suddenly it feels like FMC has taken a turn towards the bad old days. I go Stockport promoted in my first season, strengthened the team as well as I could and up til Chrismas, was holding my own and looking set to consolidate mid-table. Overnight, my team has just gone to pieces. We still play pretty well, but my players literally always hit the post when they get through on goal. Meanwhile, at the other end, whatever lowly opposition I'm up against are either lashing them in from 30 yards, getting penalties every game, or benefitting from unbelievable goalkeeping errors. It feels like the game has decided I need to lose now and just edits the match engine to suit. I've tried the same run of ten or so games a few times now, both with my usual 4-1-2-2-1 and with a more conservative 4-4-2 and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I really don't like playing asymmetrical or unrealistic tactics, but I'm not sure what else to try. I've got no problem with going on a bad run, but the silly way the games are thrown makes me feel like nothing I do is going to make any difference.
  3. County Kenny

    Venting FM aggression

    My brother once took the game disc (FM06, I think) out of the computer and snapped it in a rage. His face was showered with razor-sharp plastic shards in the process and he could've lost his sight. True story.
  4. County Kenny

    FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    Yeah, this. I want my players to 'play through defence' by default and it seems a bit strange that I'd only tell them to once we've kicked off! I would like to be able to employ a full coaching staff again and assign them to different training areas. I used to load my schedules and hire coaches when I first joined a club and then rarely do anything with them after that, so it didn't take up much time. The current system in FMC is good for people who just want to let their pre-existing scout, physio and youth director just get on with it, though. I wouldn't recommend adding many new features to FMC, though. The experience is quite slick now and the game plays much faster. SI should focus on refining that without sacrificing too much depth. If we just start adding features to FMC, it'll lose its audience within a few versions.
  5. I'm in my second season of FMC now and I am enjoying it, enough that I've actually paid full price for the game for the first time in about five years. I bought FM12 when it was reduced to about £10 on Steam, but gave up after about half a season when it abruptly became much harder. On the whole I like the streamlined play process, but there are a few things that rankle and some features I miss: - As in every FM since 2006, my team will play like Brazil but waste chance after chance once they're through on goal. With the tactics pared down and teamtalks and instructions gone, I was hoping this would be ironed out. - I ended the demo with a team that was winning the league in style, but when I reopened the save in the full game they started playing like relegation fodder. Are SI making the demo easy so people are more likely to buy the game? Because it worked. - There is a bug where if I select the "Run at defence" shout, all my tactical options remain greyed out until the end of the game. - I miss having a full backroom team. I enjoyed recruiting my coaches and setting up my schedules. Once I'd done them I rarely made any changes, so it was never a time sink for me. - There's no option to set assistant manager to schedule friendlies. It seems to happen automatically now, though. - Scouting is a bit puzzling. He seems to be doing his own thing and I'm not sure how to give him new assignments. Do I need to delete his old search results first? - It would be nice to run four or five leagues instead of just three: I like to play with England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, and leaving two out is tricky. - Opposition instructions are gone. Thank you, they were the biggest time sink of the lot. - Media interactions feel just about right. Occasional questions from the media are fun, two press conferences a week not so much. So yeah, good effort on the whole. The only issue that really bugs me is it being too hard to score goals again, the rest are just niggles really. If the player regens work well then hopefully I'll be 20 seasons in and ready to buy FM14 when it comes out.
  6. Is that in the unpatched version? I have a long-standing FM08 game that I'm about 30 seasons into and what you describe isn't the case. It's all regens now and the players at the top end are just as good as they were in the beginning. There are a few attributes that don't develop properly, influence and penalty taking spring to mind, meaning that it's rare to see players get into double figures. Penalty shootouts are hilarious now. I'll buck the trend and say that my favourites are FM05 and FM08. FM05 was the first match engine game I really got on with and although it produced a lot of Hollywood goals it was good fun. Until FMC it was also the only ME game that didn't bog you down in teamtalks and opposition instructions. I didn't get on with FM06, so went back to FM05 and consequently never played FM07 so can't comment on it. I really wanted to start a new FM05 when I got my Mac, but the unpatched game crashes a couple of months in and SI have deleted all the patches for the old games (the PC patch is available, but I've looked all over for the Mac one but all the links just point to where the SI page used to be). That's why I ended up going back to an old FM08 save instead, which has its flaws but is still fun.
  7. Doesn't do SI's bottom line much good though, does it? I don't know about bugs, but I've gone back to playing earlier FMs because the last few have been too much like hard work. When I want to play a game I want to have fun, which means I want to concentrate on the things I enjoy like finding and developing players and building a squad, and less time on things I don't enjoy like fine tuning tactics for every game and the knife-edge team talks. The newer games feel like an actual second job, which is fine if you're really into it but a lot of people aren't. If SI want to keep people engaged and buying the game they're going to have to incorporate some kind of diffculty system so plug and play managers like me will come back, whilst retaining the full challenge for the really keen. All of my friends used to buy CM/FM every year, now only two or three do. If SI can appeal to those players again their profits will soar, and it's a much better strategy than taking down all the patches for the old games to make it harder for people to play. Buy our new game or we'll take our ball home!
  8. County Kenny

    Amateur club in SPL

    Maybe Queen's Park are hard coded to remain amateur, but I remember encountering the same problem with Queen of the South a few FMs back. I spent three years struggling in the SPL, signing players for buttons and struggling to keep my team together and hoping each off season that the team would do the sensible thing and turn pro. After the third time I'd had enough and quit, at which point they promptly turned professional. I can only guess that there was something in the code stopping it from happening while a human manager was in charge. And Real Sociedad are another Basque club and one who very definitely have relaxed their stance on non-Basque players, starting with other Spanish players and then incorporating foreigner. They still try and keep the majority of the squad Basque but it's much more of an ideology than a rule. I wonder if the start restricting you in FM if you sign too many foreign players?
  9. Yeah, thanks for the glib response but if you click through the links it just takes you back to the now defunct SI patches page. It had actually occurred to me to put "football manager 5.0.5 mac patch" in to google. The PC patch is available in a few places but I can't find the Mac one. Does anyone know where else to look, or still have a copy of it they could bung on File Planet?
  10. Hi, sorry to resurrect a slightly old thread but I really need to find this patch and SI have now gotten rid of all patch downloads prior to FM2009 so that link doesn't go to it anymore. Does anyone know where I can find the 5.0.5 patch for Mac? I have one of my favourite FM saves ever here, but I can't load it until I've patched the game.
  11. County Kenny

    FM for Android??

    As Marc says, SI only have a limited number of people so they can't just develop an FM game for every platform. It's possible they could expand, but that's a slow and inefficient process and it's difficult to maintain quality if done quickly. What I will say is that we now have two very successful, very useable mobile device platforms and it's possible that dedicated portable gaming devices will become redundant in a few years. I can well imaging it one day being in SI's best financial interest to drop development for the PSP in favour of supporting Android.
  12. County Kenny

    never seen this before

    It happens in real life though: Gary Megson was sacked by Stockport because he'd applied for the job at Wigan. The Stockport board were looking for an excuse to sack him, but maybe Liverpool were looking for an excuse to get shot of the OP too!
  13. County Kenny

    The good players never play!

    Well that's bringing things like experience, leadership and potential into the mix, but what I was getting at was that real life managers can't look at a sheet and see that Wayne Bridge is better than Ashley Cole because he's got extra points in passing, crossing and positioning. It's also true that in real life ceratin players play brilliantly but never get a look in because the management don't feel they have international quality. Kevin Phillips is a prime example of that and any number of others who had a few great seasons in the Prem but never broke into the England side.
  14. County Kenny

    better Regen improvment

    I found that in 2007 and 2008 I got a fair number of players through who would get to the fringes of the team and play a bit part, but would stop improving and fade out of the team. In 2005 it was a different story, players would come through my youth system and stake their place in the first team. Very few would be superstars, but there were enough who were competent at my team's level for it to be realistic.