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  1. I'd love to know what professional designers they consulted with, the purple is god awful and is not associated with football in any way. Makes it look like an album cover from the early 90s.
  2. When new manager induction and skin are hyped amongst the biggest selling points, it pretty much sums up my feelings about the lack of content in this year's edition. FM20 it is for me!
  3. I'm been looking at whether FM19 is worth getting a full price and it seems like the feature list is really shallow this year, basically all I can find information on is a major revamp of the training module, a fairly gross purple skin (not the end of the world but not a selling point), VAR and the Bundesliga licence. Is there anything else new and interesting in the game aside from these points, perhaps that wasn't announced up front - for instance can I finally actually state why I'm resigning from a club, or should I hold fire until a sale? I haven't missed an FM since 14 but I'm really not feeling enthused this year and I'm looking for someone to spark an interest.
  4. I think it's great, the font is much crisper and the nav feels like an updated version of the old games. Now I've got used to it, it's a massive improvement.
  5. How would you go about doing this?
  6. Nah Korea and China just have a rather different gaming market. There was a FIFA Online game exclusive to Korea for ages.
  7. They've become much better known, so they probably don't need to discount quite as heavily. It's still a good deal at 25% off and GMG often have deals which better Steam's prices.
  8. Something that has been missing for a long long time is stating a reason why you have resigned from clubs. For example on FM2009 I won the Champion's League twice with Rangers using a team I'd largely built from newgens (it was 2018) but I was finding it hard to keep them in Glasgow and they were getting upset when I turned down transfers and it was undermining the team. So I resigned because I didn't think I could take the team any further. I'd like to have had the opportunity to state this, rather than just resigning out of the blue and dissapearing as it looked like in the game. It should have some kind of effect upon your popularity at the club aswell, as it looks a lot better than a random resignation.
  9. Why would SI have to pay the companies, if anything it's good free advertising for the companies if they consent to have their names/logos etc used in a game that sells nearly a million copies a season.
  10. Proper Bidding For International Tournaments The current FM procedure seems to have already selected the hosts for each tournament in advance and tends to just rotate around the same nations again and again, what I'd like to see in the game is a proper simulation of the bidding procedure in all these events. So say for example we have EURO 2012, the first messages detail what nations have decided to bid for the event, and their plans, which could include improving stadiums and building new stadiums (now this is included), negotiations could be made by club teams to accquire the new stadiums made for the event, and to get the FA to expand and use their stadium for the event and fund the expansion. Proper UEFA/FIFA etc rules for stadium capacities and the amount of stadiums each city can have hosting matches, should be used for this planning part, and taken into account in the plans, say for example Russia is lacking one stadium of a large enough size, they take action and make plans to expand a club stadium to that level to put the finishing touches to their proposal. Once all the proposals are set, stadium expansion and new building plans are decided, the game should go on to simulate the FIFA inspections of the plans, and the selection of preferred candidates, followed finally by the selection of the hosts via the voting system that UEFA/FIFA etc use, which should be viewable in game. If your a particularly famous manager, you could also get behind your nation's bid by showing your support in the media, and allowing your players to do promotional work for it, or something like that. Once the bidding procedure is over, the nation that wins procedes to expand/build the new stadiums and then host the event. It'd make much more sense and be more intresting than the current system. It's hardly an essential part of the game, but it'd be intresting and add another slight touch to international management which is hugely lacking currently.
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