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  1. Have used Steklo on every previous FM version I own so was waiting for this. Since trying it, though, all faces are gone on all skins even after clearing cache etc. Kits and backgrounds from the same graphics folder are fine but nothing calls back the faces. Any suggestions appreciated...
  2. There seems to be the same problem with Angola, but going to the South America menu. Changing skins and loaded countries/editor files makes no difference. Apologies in advance if it's somehow only me. Thanks again for everything.
  3. Thank you for all these. There seems to be a small and bizarre issue with the Algeria file. In the game, clicking on Nations > Algeria brings up the menu for Oceania (on more than one skin). This isn't a complaint - you seem to take pride in what you do, so I thought you'd want to know. It's much appreciated that you share your work and even come to give updates in English. Merci bien encore une fois - vous etes très gentil.
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