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  1. Hi all, Is there going to be a phone version of this hopefully to include Windows 10 phone....? Additionally, is there a way to get EHM2007 running on a phone? Thanks,
  2. Old FM Titles

    I still play FM10, 11 & 13 if that counts?
  3. I was wrong. They are playing there on Saturday :-)
  4. The teams should be back in there now? My rec hockey team played them recently in the building I believe.
  5. creating a club world championship

    So it will work on FM13 as well?? If so, how? Would I need to change anything?
  6. creating a club world championship

    Someone did one on FM11 as a straight knock out comp. Works very well but not sure how it was done - but shows it is possible.
  7. As someone who has not really played EHM in the last 2 years, I keep finding myself struggling to find these options. They should be more accessible, unless I've forgotten the route. I keep going to "Transactions" and realising it's not there, then I sit and look at the options for a few minutes and then find it via "Scouting". Could it be possible to give it it's own option - unless I'm told it does and I'm completely blind......If I struggle, newcomers may. Scouting - on the scouting page it's not clear as to who is doing what. I don't think it should look like FM, but I think a quick header with a couple of main points of search criteria should be placed in the Scouting box -similar to FM but with it's own identity..
  8. Logos

    When you register and login, more become visible to you ;-)
  9. Expansions

    I see. I never played with the Fantasy Draft. I did like the expansion draft in EA's NHL games. I agree, that would be awesome.
  10. Expansions

    Isn't this what the Fantasy Draft option does at the start up screen? I've never used it, so just guessing?? :-)
  11. I usually use the last 10 games that's shown on the matchup screen, but this would be a good addition to get a feel for the teams around you.
  12. Hi, I had a thought, would it be possible for the game to include adding a new organisation to a closed league? I know this is quite a frequent thing within UK due to financial reasons? If not, could an editor include an option to make closed leagues accept relegation please? Also, are clubs able to be bought by new owners? If so, could that new owner move the team? I know this one would probably be a nightmare to include. Thanks,
  13. It'll be fun to attempt to resurrect the Slough Jets and see what can be done with them, or maybe the London Knights?
  14. Hi SI and all, I apologise if this has been added already. I would like this new iteration of EHM to have an editor and also the ability to add extra tournaments and leagues - the same as FM can. This kind of editing would be awesome, along with the ability to add pictures and logos to this version. Thanks.
  15. Eastside is back

    Thank you SI!!!!! There's only so much EHM2007 one can play over the years :-) But it was the only game I played while I was in hospital and helped pass the time and keep my sanity. I can't wait to see what the full release becomes and I've already spread the word with my hockey team and they seem keen on it too.