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  1. For example when I pick a feeder club to get more merchandise I always pick then club, which I have to pay the most. Somehow I have an idea, they will make me the most in the long run. Who do you pick?
  2. I've seen loads of posts which tells me to delete a file, that i cannot find. What to do?
  3. Just started a game with Dortmund. I have decided to make it an all-german team, so ALL the players and the trainers i buy and/or sign shall be german. Gogogoogog
  4. Genie Scout

    Can you link please?
  5. Hello there I've seached all over the internet for a Genie Scout for Mac which is also compatible with 11.3 patch anyone? Thanks in advance
  6. Cool - Dortmund is my favourite club in Germany, so keep updating your game
  7. Thats a shame, but i guess you will make more money anyways. I think the tickets will be more expensive if its all seaters
  8. So you'll have a capacity of about 107.000 ??
  9. Club Information Full Name: Lyngby Boldklub Founded: 1921 Country: Denmark Fierce Rivals: FC Copenhagen Colours: Blue and White Media Predicition: 9th History: Lyngby were in the top of Danish football until 2001, where the club declared bankrupt, and was moved to the 4th best league. Due to their fantastic youth system, who is easily the best in Denmark, it only took them exactly 2000 days to move up 3 leagues and return to Superligaen. Try them out More will come...
  10. I'm bored!!!!!

    Actually the only game i've saved is with Lyon where i am in 2020 and have won everything 6-7 times But thanks - and yes, they are very fun
  11. I'm bored!!!!!

    Thanks for the very serious end helpful advices
  12. I finally realised that it is impossible to do anything fun with danish teams in this game. Now I am looking for a fun challenge. Everything is welcome, it just have to be FUN! Thanks in advance
  13. Dynamic leagues

    Have anyone played in the danish league and moved it further than to 3 stars?
  14. Does it work? I've just started with a danish team for the 10th time and i'll try to get the Danish League into top 10 in europe, but it fails everytime. Any advice?
  15. Same here. My economy is very good and my facilities just got downgraded without no apparent reason.