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  1. Son is quick but he isn't really fast. He looks fast in comparison to his Spurs colleagues because Spurs are generally a slow side. When chasing back defending Son is often comfortably outpaced by opposition speedsters, even when the opposition players has the ball at their feet. And 15 is fast. In relation to his other stats I believe they reflect his ability level. His CA is high. In real life when Spurs were at their best Son often struggled to get into the starting XI unless others were injured. In the current Spurs side, struggling for form, Son is getting more game time but he isn't exactly setting the world alight at the moment (along with the rest of his peers) and he is certainly playing no better than he did two or three seasons ago.
  2. Vorm is travelling with the match day squads but didn't have a preseason. He is also full time training with Spurs. Ndombele was rated by the researcher at his previous club. Where required I'll be making the adjustments in the winter DB release.
  3. I'll investigate this. He missed the first month of the season due to injury.
  4. Hi, I haven't really touched Le Celso but I'll look into this. It's definitely an option to buy and not compulsory. From the Spurs website "We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement for the season-long loan signing of Giovani Lo Celso from Real Betis Balompié with an option to make the transfer permanent.".
  5. That's a tough one to answer. I first noticed it in the Premier League around the start of the 2010s. I've always felt that Fergie's best ever title was 2012/13 because that Man Utd team was so comparatively poor compared to its predecessors. It was also the year Spurs got (at that moment) their record Premier League points haul and I can safely say we simply were not that good that year. Perhaps that was further cemented the following year when Spurs were downright poor for most of the season and managed to finish 6th. It was also then I noticed the other leagues. Obviously Italy has been in massive decline for years. Juventus domination demonstrates that, combined with the fact that hardly any signings from Serie A tear it up in the Premier League anymore. Spain obviously is a three horse race with the rest of the teams pretty much being chaff. They are deeply concerned in Germany about the quality of their league (and now their national team) and France is a one horse race. And the "smaller" nations just don't even register now. When I was growing up Ajax was a massive team, Scottish teams were capable of winning European trophies etc. It could be that football is going through a transition period between eras. I do think that may have been the case in the Premier League. It happened in the old Division One too. Retrospectively it is obvious that Liverpool's decline started in the late 1980s. 89/90 was their swansong season and then there was that four or five year gap between eras. But I just don't think footballers are technically as good as they used to be and/or there is a general loss of aggression (and I don't mean dirtiness) in the attitude of sportsmen across the spectrum too. People bemoan a lack of leaders, but I think it is deeper than that. There are simply less people with a winning mentality. The reason behind that is probably best not discussed in this thread but I genuinely believe it to be the case.
  6. They are. But I just can't bring myself to want any Suarez team to do well! Brazil vs Uruguay would make an excellent semi final too. I'm looking forward to the England vs Colombia game. I think it's going to be a close run thing and I think both teams are evenly matched.
  7. I think the football has been quite entertaining. I also think it is good when a number of larger traditional nations bite the dust earlier, as long as there are still some around for the latter stages. And we still have some potentially tasty games coming up. Brazil vs Belgium will be fascinating as will France vs Uruguay. In the SF a Brazil vs France or Belgium vs France would be pretty tasty. I'm really enjoying it. As for the quality, I've said for years that the general standard of football has been declining. Whether this is down to money, the fact that defenders can't defend the way they used to, formations cancelling each other out etc. I couldn't say. But I do feel that the amazing stats that Messi and Ronaldo put up year after year is as much down to poorer opposition as their own brilliance.
  8. Being a Spurs fan it really pains me to say this. But after years of being over rated, I now think Arsenal are under rated. They are still a very good team who on their day are more than capable of beating anyone. Last season they only finished 3pts behind Man City. I agree that a couple of their players are over rated (in real life and in the game, but every team will have that in both real life and in the game because it's very subjective and opinion driven) but make no mistake they are in the battle for a top four position this year in real life. I think the Spurs best XI is currently better balanced than Arsenal's but IMHO the battle for 2nd to 6th could be in any order based on current form of all the teams. City look on a different level but we'll see what happens when they play Utd and Spurs. Couple of defeats there and the gap closes and all of a sudden 1st to 6th looks like it could be any order.
  9. Teammate defined in more detail with the following two options: Club Teammate International Teammate
  10. Reading Poch's book that he just released I am absolutely amazed that the answer to your question is......a fair bit! At least where he is concerned anyway!
  11. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. AI transfers has been a bugbear for me for a long time. If that has truly been improved then that will almost certainly have me upgrade to this version. I hope this intelligence has also been applied to Management and Backroom Staff approaches and appointments.
  12. Unfortunately I don't think it is an easy fix. I've raised the excessive amount of coaches issue a few times over the last three versions and nothing has been done about it. So it's probably integral to the game until a full revamp.
  13. Which is what I intend to do (feedback). Didn't say anything different.
  14. I know that's the stock response but it doesn't work out. There are other areas of the game that desperately require improvement that you can't see from the demo whether they've been fixed. E.g. regens, sensible player transfers, sensible managerial appointments, whether backroom staff listed as favourites follow the manager from one club to another like in real life etc.
  15. I'm really undecided whether to buy FM18 or stick with FM17. I am loathe to stick with FM17 because I keep getting the intermittent bug where the German leagues lose their fixtures but all I have seen in FM18 from these previews is more micro management in areas that I am not really interested in. Like a lot of the other areas currently in the game I can probably just ignore them without any meaningful impact to the experience (OI's definitely springs to mind!) but I don't really want to spend close to £40 to find that out. I don't mind training at the moment but I really hope they fix the one issue that I have requested over the last couple of years. The fact you need a ridiculous amount of coaches. Taking Spurs as an example in real life you have Poch, his assistant, one "standard" coach, one goalkeeping coach and a fitness coach. And the fitness coach works mainly with the Assistant Manager who is also a fitness coach. That's it and that's all that is needed. In FM you need at least two goalkeeping coaches, usually three if you want an U23 one too, multiple outfield coaches etc. It's all very unrealistic.
  16. The problem is some of them screw up the game. I used to use the names fix from a well known site and 80% of the time the German League would have no fixtures.
  17. Same here. Even setting them to ease off tackles doesn't seem to help.
  18. Cheers Hugo! Just about summed up a frustrating match. Went out at QF stage of the CL against Dortmund. 1-0 up and Lloris does this. Alli then gets sent off. We take a 2-1 lead and Dortmund equalise in the last minute to put us out. Frustrating!
  19. I've noticed the same thing. I've also noticed that I miss a lot of penalties. My players have missed 7 of the last 10 pens. Bloody annoying. Especially as soon as the pen is missed I have to sub the player due to poor performance like you've highlighted above.
  20. Started with a 4-2-3-1 due to initial squad but I hate lone striker formations. Switched to 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond now and having great success with it.
  21. Good idea, although the Spurs thread is pretty inactive. January transfer window shut and my Premier League rivals were spending galore and I was unable to do anything. Very frustrating!
  22. In my first season. Disabled first window transfer budgets. Comfortably leading the Premier League come the second transfer window. Spurs board gives me £350K to spend on transfers! Anyone else having that issue? January window just shut and I was unable to purchase any players and a lot of my potential targets have been snapped up by rivals (all of whom seem to have millions to spend).
  23. No one experienced anything similar in the first season? I'm just surprised that Levy only sanctioned £375K.
  24. I don't know if this is a bug or just a Spurs thing. I started off the season with transfers blocked. Leading the league and up comes the January transfer window and the Board give me a whopping £375K. I am literally crying here watching other teams snap up my targets! Especially as our overall balance is sitting a lovely £66m and we've made a £32m profit so far this season......
  25. I would imagine so. I actually uninstalled everything and re-installed it and that seemed to fix the issue but I also followed your advice above and turned off the overlay. But everything is running great now!
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